Forgive me for forcing my latest hobby down your throat, but I swear it’s worth it. It took me some time to give sewing a try. I was at my job for nearly a year, surrounded by sewing projects, blogs and pretty fabrics all day before buying a machine. I’m sure your reasons for not giving sewing a try are at least a little bit similar to mine. Today I wanted to share with you all the reasons I was wrong to wait to learn to sew and why you shouldn’t hold out as long as I did.

Learn to sew

It’s not just for old ladies.

I’m going to be honest, I thought only old ladies and Amish people sewed. Who has the time to sew other than the retired and cable/internet free? Turns out a lot of people do. A lot of really really cool people do. I mean, just looks at my list of sewing favorites.

It’s not that difficult.

I didn’t think I could figure it out. Obviously tackling an advanced project as your first attempt is not a good idea, but really, anybody can figure it out. There are five and six-year-olds who are making clothes and blankets for their dolls, you can do it. I believe in you. When I bought my first machine, it took maybe 30 minutes to get the thread on right and everything together. The directions are simple and worst case scenario someone out there is guaranteed to have had your exact question and filmed its answer on youtube.

The investment is fairly low.

You can get a great starter machine for less than $100. Another $15 max and you can get thread, fabric and some decent fabric scissors. Start out with cotton fabric and get some good fabric scissors and you’re good to go.

The reward is good even if you hate it.

Even if you hate sewing, it’s 100% worth knowing. You can forever hem your own clothes and repair any rips or tears. Not mention how easy gift giving will become. An hour on the machine and you can easily whip up several gifts.

You’ll produce less waste.

How many clothes have you gotten rid of because they were torn or damaged? The awesome thing about being able to sew is, even if you can’t repair the item, you can use the fabric for another project.

You can decorate your home more uniquely and for cheaper.

Since getting my sewing machine I have sewn two floor poufs for our deck, new pillow covers for our living room pillows, and two new pillows for our bed. I made one floor pouf for about $15, imagine how much it would cost to buy that? One cover for our living room pillows cost $8, to buy a new pillow or cover would be at least $25. Plus, I can wash the covers anytime and don’t have to store extra pillows. It’s pretty easy to see how a sewing machine quickly pays for itself.

Gift giving quickly becomes a million times easier and cheaper.

You can’t hold on to every project you ever create. They’ll make perfect gifts and save you so much time when the holidays come around. Bonus, the giftee will always be super impressed. “What?? You MADE this??” That’s what they’ll say.

Who doesn’t like being creative?

I’m not going to take a whole bunch of time going into detail, but we all know there are numerous benefits to taking time to be creative. Even if you don’t finish a project in one sitting or it doesn’t turn out perfect, there’s joy in working on something pretty and creative.

You don’t actually have to be creative.

Literally all you have to do is follow directions. Sure, there are people who create their own patterns and just sew random things together and it turns out amazing. You totally don’t have to be that person to get the same pretty end result and satisfaction. Bonus, there are literally hundreds of free projects out there that tell you in photo detail every step to creating a pretty product. Just think, you can become one of those people that actually does the project the pin on Pinterest.

Would you be interested in learning to sew?

  • I tried to learn to sew I sucked at it so gave up

  • YES! My mom taught me sewing basics years and years ago and I recently decided to get back into it. I sized down one of my husband’s shirts that he never uses and it was so easy! I’ve been slowly gathering supplies, but we’re moving soon though so it’s been put on hold for now. You better believe I’m busting that machine out as soon as we get to our new home.