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Happy 2015! How was your new year? I’ve spent the past few weeks being lazy, spending time with Carl and family as well at attempting to get our apartment organized. I’ve been struggling to actually post something because I couldn’t find the desire to do the typical end of the year posts. I created a photo look back at 2014, but just didn’t feel like adding any words. Then I reviewed the goals I set for 2014 and again couldn’t find the words for a post.

To sum it up, I had a very busy, but very wonderful 2014. I reached most of my goals and am so happy with where I’m starting 2015. That said, something was very clear after looking over the year. I did (or at least tried to do) a lot.  2014 felt overwhelmed by things. Wedding planning, packing, weddings, moving, getting married, unpacking, packing, a million to do lists. Everything in 2014 had its purpose. We had four weddings for dear friends, we had our own wedding, we moved twice and started are careers. On top of all our social happenings, the year also saw loved ones lost, new health issues and more love in my heart than I ever knew possible.  By time December came around I knew that I needed to slow down. So instead of starting 2015 with a huge to do list, I’m choosing a word to guide my decisions. (And I mean, isn’t that what every other blogger is doing too?)


I spent the first days of January ruminating on several different words before I finally chose one. I felt as though my choice word sounds somewhat negative, but when I thought about my interests for 2015, it fit.  So without further delay, here is my word for 2015.

Less // Something Winnderful word of the year

I don’t quite know exactly where less will take me this year. I have a starting point and several interests to explore.  My word will be more of an experiment as opposed to a goal and I’m excited to see where it takes me. I have my first challenge lined up and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

What is your word or goals for 2015?