So, I’m one of those people who thinks I can do a bunch of little things and be able to get back into shape.  Up until recently (as in before I graduated college and got old) I was able to get in shape by changing a few things.  Now I’ve come to realize it’s not the little things that will get me into shape, but will instead prevent me from getting into shape.

I thought I’d share with you today the little things the I’ve noticed holding me back.  They’re all so sneaky!


Why you aren't losing weight


You snack too much.  Ever sit down to just snack on some chips then next thing you know the whole bag is gone?  The best way to avoid snack overload is the already have some snacks prepared in appropriate portion sizes.  I’ve gotten my ish together and have created a snack drawer to go to whenever we’re feeling the munchies.

You aren’t eating breakfast.  You never want your body to go into starvation mode, and the quickest way to do that is to not eat breakfast and wait until you’re starving.  I’m super lazy in the morning, so this one is tough.  Fortunately there are great make ahead options when it comes to breakfasts.  You can make breakfast sandwiches and all you gotta do is pop them in the microwave.  Personally, I’m looking forward to trying these egg muffin things.

You don’t get enough sleep.  Sleep is an important activity for your body.  When you don’t get enough sleep you’re cutting short the time your body needs to work on itself.  You’re also setting yourself up to have a pretty rough day.

You aren’t getting enough real exercise.  I touched a little on this in another post of mine.  Yes, walking your dog counts, and so does walking around the mall, but it’s no replacement for a good solid workout session.  If you take one college course a semester, you’ll get your degree, but it will take many many years and you’ll forget most of what you learned in the beginning.  Same with exercise.  A short walk with your dog counts, but not enough to make a difference in the long run.

You are getting too many calories from liquids.   That is the first thing I learned when I first started counting calories.  I love soda, but holy smokes does it have a whole bunch of calories.  You really have to watch what you’re drinking or you’re gonna find half of the calories you need for a whole day is just coming from a drink.


What little things would you add to this list? 


  • I agree with all of these! I don’t get why people don’t eat breakfast. It’s the best meal of the day!

    • katiewinn

      It is the best meal of the day! My issue is I can be too lazy to get up and make something, but then that just goes into not getting enough sleep. It’s such a vicious cycle. It’s definitely worth getting out of though! I’m glad I finally got my ish together with sleep and breakfast. It really does make a difference.