She lives!!!


This cold/flu tried to take me down but I once again come out a winner.  Well, I wouldn’t say I won, but I am alive.  These past twoish weeks have been a doozy, and to be honest, even on the days I felt decent I still didn’t feel like blogging.  To be even more honest, October has been one heck of a month.

It started with my mission to not buy groceries and just live off what we have in the kitchen.  I guess I’ve been successful?  I haven’t been grocery shopping but there’s been quite a few fast food trips.  Once I got sick I really just ate what was given to me.  I couldn’t cook and Carl wasn’t exactly jumping at the opportunity, so we’ve just used coupons and gotten fast food on the crappy days.

Work has hit a bit of a snag.  I’m not getting hours that I need.  Not a good thing.  That said, it’s too early for me to share it with the world, but I have some wonderful things in the work.  Carl and I both have interviews on Friday, so big things are happening!

There are so many great opportunities coming our way, we just have to make it until those opportunities come to fruition.  It’s hard to stay positive when there’s a lot of not happy things going on.  How do you stay positive when you’ve rain clouds all up in your grill?  Sometimes you’ve done everything you can to change your situation and you just have to let time do it’s thing.  All these feelings led me to share today’s post with you all.  This was originally published on Chasing Happy as my guest post last month and I think it’s fitting for these days.

Not every day can be rainbows and butterflies, but these are good tips to find some positives when times are tough. 

Tell someone how you really feel. Now, I’m not saying go up to the person causing you problems and b*tch slap them with your feelings, but venting to a trusted friend or even just writing it down is a great way to get things off your chest. Negativity has a way of weighing you down, verbalizing it gets it off your chest and out of your mind.

Pay it forward. If you’re reading this post, you’re better off than many many people in the world right now. Volunteer somewhere to help make a difference for another person and help put your own problems into perspective. Even just going to your local animal shelter and walking some dogs or socializing the kittens counts. How can you be sad when you’re holding a puppy?

Exercise. Exercise releases endorphines, and endorphines make you happy, and happy people don’t kill people. If there’s one thing Legally Blonde taught me, it’s that exercise makes you happy. Simple and yet so true. Just going on a walk for some fresh air and sunshine can help brighten up your day. Check this out for some easy ways to throw some exercise into your day.

Get away from it all. You may not be able to literally move away from your problems, but taking a mini vacation can do wonders. When things became too much I would drive home to visit my parents. It was great to be able to forget about what was going home and just enjoy being with people I loved. If you can’t travel, the next best thing is…

Turn off the electronics. Here’s a fact we all know and still manage to forget, Facebook is not real life. Neither is Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, even most blogs to a certain extent. Any source that allows people to pick and choose what they share with the world is not going to be 100% honest. That couple that looks perfect, I guarantee they still fight. They may even be one fight away from a breakup. It’s been proven that Facebook can lead or at least add to a person’s depression. Just turn it off, it’s not worth it.

Hopefully these things will help add some sunshine to your life if things seem a bit too cloudy.  I’ve do a few things from this list and it has helped this month seem less of a hardship.  I hope it brings you the same results.

How do you stay positive when times get rough?