Let’s flashback to May.  My current prescription for birth control pills was finished however I wanted to stay on birth control.  I didn’t like the side effects and I’m not responsible enough to take a pill each day, so my doctor gave me pamphlets for Nexplanon and Mirena.  After reading the pamphlets, the info I took away was Mirena lasts 5 years and goes in your hoohah, Nexplanon lasts 3 years and goes in your arm.  My thought process was, we want kids in about 3 years and having a mystery item in my hoohah creeps me out, so I went with Nexplanon.  My doctor also told me since I have a very irregular cycle I probably won’t even menstruate on Nexplanon.  Nexplanon was a winner.

Now, flash back to two weeks and me actually getting Nexplanon.  DEFINITELY regretting not asking more questions.  If I had asked more questions I might have chosen a different birth control.  I might have not freaked out the first week I was on Nexplanon.  I might have not had this giant penis looking bruise on my arm.  Who knows.

Getting birth control takes a lot more thought than you would think.  Just like any other medication it has it’s pros and cons.  It’s important to make sure you have all the facts before making your decision.  Had I asked more questions I might have taken a different route.  Here are some questions you should cover with your doctor before choosing a birth control.

*I am not a doctor, I can not give you medical advice.  The following questions are just questions I wish I had asked prior to choosing a birth control and might help you come to a more educated decision.


What to ask your doctor when it comes to birth control


What are my options?  This might seem like an obvious question, but a lot of times your doctor may just throw only one or two different brands of birth control out there.  You have to ask what your options are. There are so many types of birth control.  Take the time to ask what your options are because each kind has different pros and cons.


How responsible do I have to be for this type of birth control?  Can you remember to take a pill at the same time every day?  If not, your birth control is not as effective as it could be.  That means you can “be on the pill” and still get preggers.  If you can’t take a pill the same time every day, don’t worry about it.  Just ask what your other options are and your doctor will share them.


What side effects might I experience and what are the likelihood of experiencing them.  All medication has possible side effects and birth control is no different.  Some might cause weight gain, nausea, lowered sex drive, there’s so many.   Be sure you know what you might be getting yourself into and how high the possibility is of experiencing these effects. 


How do I use this correctly?  Birth control is only effective when used correctly.  Be sure you know how to do so.

Or if you’re going with an semi permanent inserted birth control.


How EXACTLY is this put in me?  If I knew right off the bat exactly how Nexplanon was inserted, I might have chosen something different.  It was just something I didn’t really think about until the time came. Definitely ask ahead of time.


What’s it going to feel like after I get this done?  My arm hurt for a week after I got Nexplanon.  It wasn’t fun.  This goes back to the side effects.  Be sure you know how it might effect you, it will save you stress should you experience any side effects.


How long before the birth control goes into effect?  You might think birth control is effective immediately, however that’s not the case.  Different types of birth control take different amounts of time before becoming effective.  It also may depend if you start it with your cycle or not.  Be sure you know when you’re birth control is in full effect.


Hopefully these questions will put you at ease and help you find the right birth control that works for you.

Are there any questions you wished you had asked before starting a birth control?