It’s finally happened!

Not only am I finally back after my long vacation from blogging, but Something Winnderful is now a real self hosted website! Going on a posting hiatus gave me the time I needed to handle several changes going on in my personal life and prepare to start over.  I could not be any more excited to start fresh.

I’m super-duper excited to share all my fresh starts with you all.  To sum it all up, I now live in a new city, have a new job, and have a much healthier lifestyle.  No worries, Carl and the great Gatsby made the move with me. Here are a few of my instagram shots to sum up my time off.

With all the new changes in my life, Something Winnderful must change as well.  It no longer will have Stylin’ Sunday or Friday Favorites.  While all those were great, my life has nothing to do with fashion and favorite products and such.  I want Something Winnderful to be about creating a lifestyle that’s healthy, fit, and most of all fun.  I want to share with you all the amazing changes in my life.  I want to share with you the deliciously healthy food I’m cooking and my latest workout.

I wont overwhelm you with everything I want to tell you all.  Keep coming back to see how you can live a healthier life!  I’ll leave you with some snapshots of what I was up to during my break and a sneak peak into my new home.

Blogging Vacation pics



  • Rachel

    Katie, I love your new site– it looks amazing! Congratulations on your move (and I love the photos of Gatsby– too cute!) 🙂


    • katiewinn

      Thanks Rachel! I’m super excited to be self hosted, even if it was a LOT of work. I remember when you’re site moved, it turned out so well, I now have a whole new appreciation for how much work it takes haha.

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