Wooo special edition of weekly wishes!  I participated in Weekly Wishes for the first time two weeks ago and loved it!  My picture even made it into the five she chose to feature in the following week’s linkup.  I skipped a week due to the holidays but I’m excited to join the special edition this week!

This week Nectar Collective is having participants recap 2013 and focus on all the things that’s been accomplished this past year.  Honestly, I was a little sad to not do the normal linkup, but once I started to think back to this year I think it’s a great practice.

Weekly Wishes Orange

2013 was one heck of a year.  I thought 2012 was a bad year, and somehow 2013 only lead to tougher situations. Something magical happened this year though that didn’t in 2012….there was joy in every situation.  There were so many times during this year where I thought life was just too hard and I didn’t know what to do.  At the same time, there were so many moments filled with more joy and passion than I ever thought humanly possible.  This year taught me what it truly means to be happy with where you are and who you are with.  2012 was the year that tore me down and 2013 was the year that taught me to suck it up and keep fighting and never be afraid to ask for help.


  • Buy the rest of my Christmas presents.  Check!  Which is a great thing considering the holidays are over.  I bought all my gifts and had them wrapped with a week to spare.
  • Clean my apartment.  This may or may not have taken more than a week to do, but it was Christmas, more important things were happening.  It finally got done though.
  • Post another post on the blog.  Triple check!  I got a good number of posts published and have more in drafts.  I’ve finally gotten back into my blogging groove and I’m super excited to get started!


  • I started Something Winnderful!
  • We got a puppy!
  • We moved to Greenville, SC!
  • We visited Wisconsin!
  • I turned 25.
  • We got engaged!  
  • I made a huge decision to embark on owning my own business.  There is still a lot of work to be done with this and it’s really not even to the point where I want to completely reveal it on the blog.  Just know I made a big decision and lots of things will be happening in 2014!

Overall 2013 was a wonderful year.  It definitely had many many rough patches, but I learned so much and had so many wonderful memories.  I’m super excited to share my goals for 2014 on Wednesday and then use each month to get me towards those goals!

  • Brittany

    You moved to Greenville Sc. Small small world. That is where I am from and grew up. I recently moved from there but all of my family is there. That is crazy. I have heard that Greenville is really growing. The downtown area is much better than it used to be. I’m sure you will love it there. And your so close to Myrtle Beach and Charleston!

    • katiewinn

      You’re from Greenville!? That’s awesome! My sister settled down up here and my finance’s family is here as well, so it’s been a good decision to move so far. I LOVE the area, I moved from Columbia and it’s such an improvement. The downtown area is so much nicer. Actually, I would say all of Greenville is nicer than Columbia. I grew up in Beaufort, close to Charleston, so it’s nice to not be too far away from home!

  • Congrats on getting engaged (this is probably a little late… sorry) I hope you enjoy the last two days of 2013! And that 2014 is everything you want it to be!

    • katiewinn

      Thanks! I hope your 2014 has been off to a great start!

  • Sounds like a winning week! Have fun enjoying the last bit of 2013!