Woo it’s time for Weekly Wishes!  I’ve decided to start posting/linking up with Weekly Wishes the first Monday of each month.  It just so happens that the first Monday of Weekly Wishes is now going to be about goals for the month, so it looks like I was a bit ahead of the game.  Go me!  This year I’ve made some pretty bold new year resolutions, but what can I say, I live life on the edge.  I’ve decided to use the monthly wishes as a way to break down my goals into more manageable tidbits.

Weekly Wishes: January


  • Put $100 towards paying off my credit card and another $100 into savings.
  • Stop eating fast food and walk Gatsby at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Get the laundry done.
  • Clean out one space a week.
  • Keep posting four times a week.
  • Comment or tweet another blogger every day.
  • Do something nice for a stranger.

Breaking down big goals into smaller tasks definitely leads to a higher success rate, so I’m banking on that method to reach my outrageous goals.  Everything for this month is very manageable. I’ve already gotten the money goal met and I’ve done surprisingly well with not eating fast food.  I wish I could say having an entire month to get laundry taken care of would be a piece of cake.  If my life depended on getting laundry washed and put away all in one day, I might not make it.  Overall, I’m feeling pretty confident with my goals for the month.

What is something nice I can do for a stranger this month?  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions!


  • Great goals! I’m with you on the laundry part- I feel like there’s always a pile of folded laundry just sitting somewhere waiting to be put away. I was recently at a coffee shop when a man was given a $5 gift card. Apparently he was a regular there and another woman had purchased it for him a few days prior and had the staff keep it for him. It was the sweetest thing! I’m sure you’ll think of something creative to do for a stranger this month!

  • Brittany

    These are pretty much a lot of the same goals I have had in the past. The dog walking part in the cold weather is something I really have to push myself to do though.

  • love these goals, and I REALLY love how you’ve broken your big New Years resolutions into monthly, bite sized pieces! brilliant!

    • katiewinn

      Thanks! I feel behind on the trend of having a “word of the year” but I just have to many things I want to accomplish to sum it up in one word! Maybe next year haha. Hopefully this year having bite sized goals was the right choice, so far it has been going great!

  • Chelle Rae

    Bite-size goals, I love it! It seems like so many people make these life-changing goals this time of year that are simply not sustainable for long, and then they get frustrated and give up entirely. I think this is a great idea so you don’t get burnt out or frustrated. The laundry one is nearly impossible for me as well! I can remember one time in the last several months where all of the laundry in my house was done for about an hour. It was the most relaxing hour ever. Best of luck to you in reaching your goals this month!

    • katiewinn

      Thanks! Laundry…it just does me in. It’s the worst feeling to know that you’re really never going to have all the clothes washed. It’s such a vicious cycle. Thanks for stopping by, I hope your 2014 has been going well!