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It’s September! That means it’s my birthday this week! Ahh! I gotta be honest, after turning 21, birthdays are a little less joyful.  I think about turning 26 on Thursday and I don’t know how it happened. I’m not sad and I’m really happy with where I am in life, but it’s a bit difficult to shake the realization I’m in my late 20’s.  Before going too far into birthday nostalgia, I’d like to think a bit more on August.  It was a much more eventful month than I imagined.  We travelled to Wisconsin where we went on lots of adventures including boating, biking, hiking, kayaking and a very hot day at the Farmer’s Market. We found an awesome lunch box for Carl to take to work. We also got amazing news about my job and now we are are real adults and finally moving into our own place. All in all August was a good month for us and I have a good feeling about September.

August in review | Something Winnderful

Last week + August wishes

1. Quit drinking soda. So, this should really only be halfway crossed off.  I ended up being too addicted to quit caffeine cold turkey.  I already get migraines, so the caffeine headache was too much to deal with.  I managed to cut back to one soda a day and I’m going soda free very soon.

2.  Write more to-do lists. Yes! I wrote more to-do lists, mainly at work, but I would benefit from writing more for blogging/life things.

3. Start posting blogging related posts to Done! Che-che-check it out.

4. Commit to the Whole 30. Nope, not even a little.  Ok, maybe a little.  I don’t really have a kitchen for cooking, so it would make committing to a new diet difficult.  Carl is on board with the idea, but we decided to wait until we move and have more control over where and what we eat.

5. Keep taking daily photos.  I did my best! I carry my camera around with me more often and I’ve been stepping up my Instagram game.  The photo collage above is some of my favorite August pictures from my Instagram.

This week’s wishes

1. Enjoy my birthday! My birthday is Thursday! I spent Labor Day weekend visiting my parents in Beaufort and it was a lovely vacation.  This weekend my brother will be visiting us in Greenville and I could not be any more excited.  My sister also lives in Greenville so all the siblings and sibling-in-laws will be together.

2. Survive our friends’ wedding.  Remember when I had a million roommates (and also my first post on this here blog)?  Well that couple is finally getting married (Carl and I have dated, gotten engaged and married since we’ve known them….they were engaged when we met them).  I’m expecting this wedding to be the strangest, most ridiculously awesome experience EVER.  It’s 1920’s themed and has an open bar for pretty much the whole weekend.  They also found out Gay Pride weekend is the same weekend as their wedding…and their hotel (which is the venue for the rehearsal dinner and wedding) is not only a sponsor of the event, but also where all the festivities take place.  Gay Pride weekend will 40,000+ attendees and happens outside the hotel with events running from about 10 am to 10 pm on their wedding day.  It’s shitty the hotel never told them, but makes a GREAT story and most likely even better weekend.  Even with all that to look forward too, I must say my absolute favorite part of the wedding will be Carl acting as officiant.  He’s never officiated a wedding before, so it should be interesting.

3. Pack up and prepare to move. We’re moving the first weekend in October!

4. Get on track with our new budget.  I’m finally working full time and have a paycheck fitting for an adult college graduate.  Now that Carl and I finally can afford to have a real adult married life, we have a new budget to figure out.  We’re basically living off my paycheck and saving his, so I need to give it a practice before we actually have bills to pay.

I could probably list more goals for the month, but it’s better to keep it simple, right?


  • Congrats on nearly being soda-free, I’m all about baby steps when it comes to quitting things. Cold turkey can be asking for TOO MUCH sometimes. It’s funny that you mention the 1920s themed wedding you’re going to. My husband and I just went to one this weekend that had the same theme. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a dress for this event, but managed to use a dress I own and jazzing it up with accessories. It sounds like it’ll be a wedding to remember with all the events going on!

    • And Happy Birthday Week!

    • Oh goodness, I think if I went cold turkey with soda I’d most likely die. I already had terrible headaches just from cutting back a little at a time. It’s definitely going to be great finally quitting though. I’m sure this wedding is going to be something to remember. Fortunately I’m in the wedding, so my dress is picked for me. I wouldn’t know what to wear if I had to dress myself. That sucks you did all that shopping to end up wearing something you already owned, at least that saved you money!

  • Happy early birthday!! I really love your goal about taking daily photos, I’ve been trying to do it myself!

    Also, yesterday was the start of our new monthly photo link up, Through the Lens, and it would be awesome if you would share this post with us!! It’s a link up for sharing the previous months photos and memories, great for looking back on your goals too!

  • Happy Almost Birthday!!! Enjoy it!

  • I was in Wisconsin in August too. My parents are from Milwaukee and I lived there for a few years when I was younger. It was so nice to go back and see everyone. What part of Wisconsin were you in?

    • We were in Milwaukee!! We were only there for about two days though. We were there for my husband’s grandfather’s memorial service. We visited with the mother in law’s side of the family and spent the rest of our visit in Madison with his father’s side. We didn’t do much exploring in Milwaukee but Madison was beautiful. It was our first time being there when there wasn’t a million inches of snow on the ground. It was very nice. I could never live there because of the winters, but the summers are beautiful.

      • I love Milwaukee…that’s where I was! The winters can be tough but no tougher than where I am now. I love the area downtown by the waterfront!

  • Good luck preparing for your move! It will all be worth it whenever you are in your own place! And, I bet the wedding is going to be quite eventful. Enjoy it!

    • Thank you! Fortunately my birthday present from my parents is movers to handle moving the stuff in our storage unit. I never thought I would be so excited over something like that, I guess that’s growing up. I cannot wait for the wedding, I just, I can’t even begin to imagine how it’s going to go.

  • Congrats on the new full time job! Good luck with the move and new budget 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m soooooo excited about being full time. The move and new budget is going to be a struggle, but definitely worth it!

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