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Happy after 4th of July everyone! How was your holiday? Mine was just long enough to throw off my whole sleep schedule, but who can complain about a three day weekend?  I’m writing this Sunday night and the Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour is on tv.  I can’t change the channel.  I should be summing up my weekend ya’ll, I mean, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on Monday’s?  I just can’t NOT focus on Miley Cyrus, but hey, that’s why she does the things she does. I think my eyes are burning…and yet…I think I’m entertained?  Help me.

Weekly wishes

Fortunately I had my goals decided before my vision was assaulted and liked it.  Here’s what I’m gonna beast through this week.  Excuse me while I watch Miley twerk on a little person.

Last weeks goals (for the monthish).

1.  Keep up with laundry.  Going strong! I kind of cheated though, Carl did the laundry the day after I made this goal. I didn’t even have to ask or force him!  Don’t worry, I know how lucky I am.

2.  Work 30 minutes a day on my new site.  I’m going to call this half successful.  I didn’t spend 30 minutes a day, but I caught up with a good amount of stuff I wanted to do.

3.  Incorporate exercise into my routine.  Fail.

This week’s goals.

1.  Write a new resource post.  On my client Facebook group I post different resources for them to download for their own use.  They currently have a master sheet of free photo resources, an editorial calendar resource, as well as a guide to sponsorships.  I want to post another resource by the end of this week.

2.  Finish my editorial calendar.  (Which means I should probably start it.)

3.  Do an ab/yoga series every morning.  I used to do a pilates ab workout every morning back in college.  Definitely a good habit to get back into.

3.  Stay safe this weekend.  We’re throwing my friend her bachelorette party this weekend, only it’s not your usual bachelorette party.  It’s with mostly dudes.  We know each other because we’re friends with the guys in a fraternity at USC. My husband is a brother and so is her fiance.  (We just fit in more with the fraternity than any of the sororities.  Lilly Pullitzer? Not for me.) Our closest friends in the fraternity are coming to Greenville for the weekend for the bachelorette party.  It’s going to be a blast, but I’m not in college partying condition anymore, here’s to hoping I survive.  I’m sure my Instagram feed will need some reviewing the next day.
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  • I love this link up! Good luck with your weekly wishes

  • It’s hard to get up early before work to exercise. I believe in you , Katie! And have a blast at the party! So many weddings!

    • I love this idea! I don’t know if I like it enough to start doing it on my blog but maybe a notebook, at least to start out to see if I want to incorporate it into my blog. One thing’s for sure, I do get stuff done when I feel like someone’s going to give me crap for not completing my to-do list. I love the site HabitRPG for this reason, it turns your to-do list into an RPG game, which I’m normally not a fan of, but the site makes it fun! Maybe having a version like this on my blog will help me with goals like vacuuming. Can’t talk myself out of it if a friend is nagging me!

  • Hi! Stopping by from the Weekly Wishes link up! I love your wishes, and absolutely adore how you can’t seem to get into a workout habit! I have the same problem! I’ll go strong for a week or two, and then it’s over with. 🙂 I hope you complete all of your wishes and have a fabulous time at the party!

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