Without much ado, I am back to blogging!  There have been lots of feelings had over these past few weeks and I’m finally feeling the love for Something Winnderful again.  To get started I decided to join a new linkup.  The Nectar Collective hosts a “weekly wishes” linkup and since I have been getting my life together, I think it’s a good linkup to keep me motivated.  Also, it has a cute little photo challenge for each post.  I’m in!

Weekly Wishes #1

1.  Buy the rest of my Christmas presents.  I have one gift left to buy and possibly one more to make, so there’s something wrong if I don’t accomplish this.

2.  Get my apartment clean.  This means getting all the laundry done and the kitchen cleaned.  I would also love it if I could see my kitchen table.  I’ll know I’ve really made it the day I can keep my kitchen table clean.

3.  Post another blog post.  There’s plenty of drafts to choose from so something has gotta get published!

My wishes for the week are pretty straight forward, but might as well keep it manageable especially considering Christmas is right around the corner.  Wish me luck!

  • Hey Katie! Visiting from The Nectar Collective – I LOVE your photo. So sweet, and very romantic.

    One of my goals is also to work on my Christmas gift shopping, good luck with yours! You seem much closer to finishing then I am. 🙂

    Also, good luck with getting back into blog posting. I find when I’m lacking inspiration or motivation to write, that reading some blogging tips, on how to grow your blog, always gets me back in the spirit.

    • katiewinn

      Thanks! That picture is my favorite from our engagement shoot a few months ago. I think everyone is still trying to get Christmas shopping done, it’s one of those things that just never seems complete! I love reading blogging tips, even on my break I tried to read up on some things. It definitely does help put me back in the mood to write. Thanks for visiting, I’m excited to be a part of the linkup. 🙂

  • Amber

    good luck with your wishes for the week…YOU CAN DO IT!!
    🙂 amber

    • katiewinn

      Thank you! Already making progress 🙂

  • Ali Berlinski

    Hey there! Sorry I’m a bit late. I love your pictures, congrats btw on the engagement. I had to do a bit of last minute xmas shopping myself this week. Sadly, because I live in Spain and have to ship them back home, there’s a large possibility they’ll all arrive late, but it’s the thought that counts right? Anyhow, hope you had a wonderful week and happy holidays!

  • Brittany

    Seems like every blog I go to everyone is doing Weekly Wishes. I just started last week and I never realized how many people do it. Your photo for it is great by the way.

    • katiewinn

      Thanks! I felt the same way, the more blogs I would look at the more I would notice the Weekly Wishes link up. I’m not sure if it makes me think the blogger work is small or if there is just a big gang of weekly wishers haha. Either way I’m glad I started linking up, it’s been great so far. Thanks for visiting!

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