Happy Monday everyone!  What a busy weekend it has been!  How has your weekend?  This weekend was such a busy weekend for us.  Carl has been working his butt off on weekends to make money for school and I have been keeping busy at the apartment and with Gatsby.

On Saturday I took Gatsby over to my sister’s house for a long walk.  They have a really great nature trail that’s paved and runs behind the neighborhood.  I used my Map My Run app to track how far we walked.  (I first mentioned the app in this post, but it basically tracks your workout without any effort on your part.)  We attempted to do another trail across the street but Gatsby had other plans.  While passing a tree he went and laid down underneath it.  He was pretty much done.

Map my run photo-164

On Sunday went to a surprise baby shower for Carl’s cousin.  He has been living in Sweden with his Swedish girlfriend for the past two years.  He met her in college while they were both studying abroad in Australia.  It’s like something from a movie, right?  Carl’s aunt and uncle, hosts of the shower, had an adorable little set up for everyone.  They are wanting to be surprised with the babies gender so everything was pink and blue.  I gotta say, finding a gender neutral present was beyond difficult.

Baby Shower

Overall is was a lovely weekend.  Busy but nothing too crazy.  How was your weekend?  Have you had issues with finding gender neutral gifts?

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