Hey there! Welcome to Weekend Reads! This is where I share my favorite reads of the week in hopes you have the same taste as me.  Hope you find these entertaining, have a great weekend!

Weekend Reads 4.19

//  I’m not sure I buy that the races in America will have melded together by 2050, but I think the article makes an interesting point of the increase in multiracial individuals.  Also, the future average American certainly is beautiful.

//  The Under The Red Dress project, as well as the SCAR Project, is shocking, brave and beautiful.  NOTE: This article does include several nude pictures.

//  This guy tried a Pure Barre class and lived to tell the tale in the most hilarious and honest way.

“What is wrong with you women? If this workout is what you think is required to have socially acceptable toned arms, tight butts and trim stomachs… I’d rather go a month without food. That would be preferable to the near hour I spent pumping my hips up and down as both my shoulders and quadriceps quivered uncontrollably as I constantly fought the near overwhelming urge to toss a noose around the Barre bar and end it all.”

//  I’ve been loving Amber’s Spring Cleaning series on her blog, And Yes To Joy.  Her post this week on cleaning out your social media is a great reminder of all the little things we forget to do.

//  Haven’t done any decorating for Easter?  This post from Paper & Stitch has literally the easiest way to decorate eggs and still looks fabulous.

//  Roo of Neon Fresh doesn’t do the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Santa and I LOVE her very non offensive way of explaining why.  I also don’t intend to do the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy (if Carl with let me) and I don’t want to make to big a deal of Santa either.

//  I’ve been on the search for a white dress to wear after the wedding and this is what I went with. Thoughts?  I need to share a picture of me in it because I’m amaze at how much different it looks on me than on the model.

  • That dress is perfect. I’d pair it with some fun jewelry and you’ll be good to go. The social media article is awesome, too. I try to clean things out periodically, but it’s definitely something that falls by the wayside.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Thanks! I ended up returning the dress :/ I just couldn’t figure out if I liked it enough so I took that as a sign I didn’t need it.

  • That’s a great reception dress! Super cute!

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I returned the dress :/ I just couldn’t make up my mind on it, so I took that as a sign I didn’t need it.