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Carl still has his kidney stone. It’s about as enjoyable as you would expect. ┬áHe’s had a few goofy moments thanks to a great dosage of pain meds, but overall we were able to enjoy a relatively normal weekend. Surprisingly, we were able to be pretty productive.



I’ve had several things laying around the apartment waiting for Carl to hang. The day finally came this weekend. We were able to hang three frames, a pretty nifty nook thing and some vinyl stickers. Our apartment is now more decorated than any place I’ve ever lived (with the exception of my parents’ home). I got the stickers from Classy Clutter Designs and love them so much. I plan on doing a longer post about them in the future because they’re so great.

Vinyl wall decals from Classy Clutter Designs Carl's Bathroom


My goal for January was to get the apartment completely cleaned and organized. We’ve unpacked every box…but not everything is put away. Our laundry room and second bedroom were kind of hot messes. The second bedroom is still a hot mess, but the laundry room is now pretty beautiful. We finally bought a storage container that can hold all of Gatsby’s dog food and it’s changed my life. I also made a new batch of homemade laundry detergent. My previous batch lasted two years.

Laundry room Laundry room 2


Another goal I’ve given myself is to do at least one craft project a month. I was given my grandmother’s vintage Singer sewing machine and I want to sew at least one thing a month. This weekend I crafted ALL the things. I made us a headboard, a jewelry holder for my necklaces and I’ve picked the fabric for a rug for our laundry room.

Fabric and wood headboard Painted wood jewelry holder Fabric Selection


The kidney stone has Carl nearly homebound, so we spent a LOT of time together this weekend. But spending time in the same apartment doesn’t count as spending real quality time together. We decided to be a little bit intentional and worked together to do the cleaning and decorating. We then took time on Sunday to go through our Q&A journal. It was a Christmas gift for Carl this year and he was more excited about it than I expected. It’s a journal for couples that has a question for every day of the year and places to write your answers for the next three years. I think it will be so wonderful to see how we change and grow as a couple over the next three years. I also think it will be a lovely gift to pass down to our children one day. The first three years of marriage is such a time of change, I think we’ll appreciate being able to look back and see how we grew.

Q&A book // A 3 year journal for two

What did you do this weekend?