I’m gonna be honest with you.  I had a secret wedding board well underway by like the third month Carl and I had been dating.  I was one of those girls that refused to have a wedding board until I really actually needed it, but once I knew in my heart I wanted Carl for the rest of my life, I just couldn’t help myself.  Thank goodness they had created secret boards.

You better believe within 24 hours of being engaged I revealed that board.  I revealed it, and then categorized the sh*t out of it.  My boards are now so OCD organized.  I am (hopefully) getting an iPad for Christmas this year, so when I go meet with vendors, I can just pull up the appropriate board and have all my wants in one place.  Perfection.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite wedding dresses.  I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I’m looking for, I just want to be pretty and comfortable.  The dresses on my Pinterest are all over the place, but I’m starting to figure it out.  I begin my search for the perfect dress in two weeks.  To say I’m terrified would be an understatement.  Hopefully pinning all these dresses will have helped.  Hit up my Pinterest board to see more dresses.  Or you can go to my main board and see just how crazy I got about organizing everything.


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Wedding dress: Style Me Pretty, Fondly Forever Photography

Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress: Style Me Pretty, Caroline Fontenot Photography

Wtoo Brides Wedding Dress

Casablanca Wedding Dress


How did your search for THE dress go?

Do you have a Pinterest board with your dress inspirations?








  • My dress was the third one I tried on, and I bought it 3 weeks after we got engaged–when you know, you know! It’s a fun process, though–I like the lace dresses that you have pinned!

    • katiewinn

      Thanks! We had to change the shopping date to this weekend and I’m still kind of nervous. I want to try on a bunch of dresses to really get the whole dress shopping experience, but not so many I’m THAT bride. Plus my mom is traveling four hours to shop so I feel like I have to find the dress this shopping trip. I know the silliness of it all but I’m still nervous haha.

  • I tried on so many dresses and found one that I love. I occasionally have dress regret though because I LOVE everything haha.

    • katiewinn

      That’s how I feel I’m going to be. I’m not picky, so I feel like I’m going to find several dresses I really like and not know if any of them is THE dress.

  • I pinned one dress on Pinterest a few months after my now-husband and I started dating. When he proposed, I hunted down the dress, went by myself and tried it on, and bought it! It’s the only dress I put on. I never had a single regret about it. I guess when you know, you know! 🙂

    Good luck with your search! I’m now following you via Bloglovin!

    Talk soon!

    • katiewinn

      Wow! That’s crazy! I definitely just did some stalking on your blog and the dress is beautiful! I can definitely see how you can know it’s the dress without trying more on. I’m just so excited for the dress shopping experience that it’s making me stressed. I just want it to be so great that I’m worried it wont be haha. It’s so silly but oh well. I’m sure it’s going to be great. Thanks for reading!