*This post contains affiliate links, however I have been a supporter/obsessed with Warby Parker for some time, so all opinions and words are completely honest.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be opposed to naming my firstborn Warby. (But don’t tell Carl that just yet.)

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I’ve been a bit silent here this week, but Carl and I are currently stressing about our apartment search.  I’d tell you about it, but I think I’ll save that for another post.  A few months ago I bought new glasses and haven’t really talked about them.  I posted a picture on Instagram, because if there’s no picture, it didn’t happen, right?  I had been waiting a long time to buy them and almost just as long to post about them. You can blame my lack of interest in taking glasses selfies for the delayed post.

Warby Parker Glasses and Home Try On

I knew growing up there would come a time I needed glasses, but I managed to hold out until 22, just in time for my final year of college.  I had always suffered from migraines, but I was beginning to see a major increase in headaches.  After going to the eye doctor I learned that I have an astigmatism in my left eye.  I blindly (get it?) picked out the first pair I thought looked cool and just went with it.  Big mistake.  Turns out all glasses are not created equal.  I found the thinner frames with smaller lenses made it difficult to look through when I was trying to type on the computer and look up at the white board in class. They were really inconvenient and after a few months, just not my style anymore.

After years of sucking it up and dealing with it I decided it was time for a new pair of glasses.  I had heard of Warby Parker before and thought they were worth trying.  With their dedication to giving back, it really was a no brainer. They have an awesome Buy One Give One program that makes my heart smile.  Bonus, they are incredibly affordable AND you can pick 5 pairs to try on at home for free.

I signed up for their Home Try-On program and it was amazing.  They were delivered quickly and the glasses were honestly better quality than I expected, they seemed much sturdier than my current pair that cost three times as much.  It took some time but I finally decided on a pair and ordered them.  I was dreading having to figure out my prescription but all they needed was my doctor’s name and number.  They will call and get your prescription if you don’t know it.  Genius.  It took maybe a week and they arrived at my front door in a beautiful package along with nice case and cloth.

Warby Parker

I absolutely love them.  Some say they are too big for my face, but they are so much more functional from me.  Plus, I don’t feel as though they are too big.  I do what I want.

Have you tried Warby Parker before? If so, which ones do you have?


  • They look super cute!!! 🙂

  • TheSubtleHipster

    I love the glasses! Very cute. I’ve been wanting to get a pari from warby parker but my ray-bans are so expensive that I just can’t make the switch unless my glasses break and well I’ve been very careful that that won’t happen.

    • Girl I do not blame you at all. I bought Carl and I expensive sunglasses a few months ago and I treat those things like they are my child. I don’t plan on getting more sunglasses for long time, because these better last a really long time.

      P.S. I’m so sorry for slacking on commenting! I switch comment system and it through my replying habits all out of whack. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      • TheSubtleHipster

        No worries! Funny looking at this comment because my prescription changed and I am going to be buying a pair of Warby Parker glasses!

        • Ahh really? That’s so exciting! Are you going to do the home try on or are you just gonna go for it? I’m kinda picky so I was really glad I did the home try on, but I’m also not a veteran glasses picker, so it took some testing out to pick the right pair.

          • TheSubtleHipster

            I was actually planning on going to the store to try some on before I buy a pair.

  • I’m new to your blog and love your Warby Parker glasses!

    • Thank you for visiting and the compliment! I’ve gotten so behind on blog comments but I’m finally catching up. I’ve been perusing your blog and love it. Congratulations on getting married!! Ahh! Accidentally deleting your previous blog!? I would die.

      • Thank you!!!! Yes, it was stressful but the new blog is a fun fresh start!

  • Omg, they call and get your prescription?! That is the number one reason I have put off buying new glasses, was my fear of having to figure that out. I am totally looking into this now, thanks! Your glasses are super cute, btw!

    • I know right?! It blew my mind when I realized I didn’t have to know my prescription. I hope you go with Warby Parker! I absolutely love my glasses and their home try could not have been any easier. Let me know if you get a pair!

      P.S. Thank you so much for commenting, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! I’ve gotten behind on comments and am finally catching up.

  • I love love love Warby Parker. I was introduced to that company years ago and have been exclusively theirs ever since.