Happy Monday!  Another week to make better choices and healthy changes!  This weekend brought a few slip ups in my healthy habits but today is a new day.  Carl’s cousin who has been living in Sweden the past 2-3 years arrived in Greenville for a month long visit.  We were able to visit for lunch and dinner and spend some time by the pool at his aunt and uncle’s.  We spent the rest of our time being lazy at the apartment (photo tour to come soon) watching movies.  Seven Psychopaths, This is 40, and The Chronicles of Riddick were excellent choices for our marathon.

There might have been a little bit too much candy eating while movie watching, but I’ve been able to incorporate some healthy eating and fun exercising into the mix.  Taking Gatsby on long walks has been a great way get to get up and moving without really feeling like it’s work.  I downloaded the Map My Run app and it has been awesome.  I used it today to see just how long our usual route is and found out it’s one mile!

Map my run app to track exercise

One big change I’ve been adamant in making is eating breakfast every morning.  While living in my old house I would never eat breakfast.  I would just go as long as I could then grab fast food.  Not good for me at all. Fortunately this habit has been a lot easier to stick to now that I’ve moved.  I’m not on the run as much and I have to get up early in the mornings for Gatsby and Carl.  On days Carl has school he will make us some super smoothies while I pack him lunch.

On days not requiring early mornings I’ve been making some veggie omelets.  My first omelet did not turn out how I expected.  You know those great looking veggie omelets you see on Pinterest with the omelet perfectly folded over and beautiful colors throughout?  Yeah, well mine looked like a scrambled mess.

veggie omelet fail

This weekend I finally discovered the secret to making my nice veggie omelet.  The secret is don’t even attempt to flip it.  Here’s how my omelet turned out without trying to flip it.

Veggie omelet

Veggie Omelet

5 eggs (served 2)

Salt and pepper to taste

Veggies (spinach, green/red/yellow peppers, anything really)

Turkey and cheese (optional)

Heat skillet to a little below medium heat.  Crack eggs into skillet and salt and pepper to taste.  Scramble eggs slightly to mix together.  After bottom layer of eggs begins to cook, add extra ingredients.  Stir ingredients to mix together without disturbing already cooked eggs.  Place lid over skillet and leave covered until eggs cooked to desired level.

It took experimenting but it was finally a success!  It tasted fantastic and was super filling.  Eating breakfast everyday has an a great change.

What are your favorite breakfast eats?  How do you make your omelets?