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Hey there! How was your weekend? I gotta say, Carl and I are on a roll with great weekends. Unfortunately there’s still no luck with the kidney stone, but he’s hanging in there. We spent the weekend celebrating Valentine’s Day because he has to work Saturday and Sunday of Valentine’s weekend. Sad face. Fortunately, we aren’t too interested in the holiday so it isn’t a big deal.

We were on a budget for our celebrating so we kept it pretty simple. Saturday morning we went to the flea market and walked through all the booths. Our flea market is fairly large with a significant amount of junk, but we always find several items to make it worth it. This time we found some great records and an old school vintage iron to use as a bookend. We then went to Target and bought several things I’ve been wanting and finished the day with food from our favorite sushi place. It was a lovely day.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day! I’m guest posting on Chits & Giggles today sharing some great Valentine’s Day ideas. We’ve always been a low key (i.e. cheap) couple, so I’m sharing inexpensive ways to enjoy the holiday. Below are just a few of the several (12) ideas I’m sharing over on her blog. Get a taste of a few ideas then head over to read the rest!

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

52 Weeks of Dates

This was a homemade gift idea I came up with when I was too broke to do 12 months of dates. I bought a cute notebook and filled it with notebook paper and divider sheets. I created different categories based on price. I then thought of as many date ideas as possible for each price point. I researched fun things to do in our city and great places to eat. Carl and I terrible at decided what to do on the weekends. This notebook is a great resource of ideas. I wrote as detailed as I could so we knew all the information we needed up front, including cost, best times of the year to go, hours things are open and ways to save money. You can see how the finished product looked here.

25 Reasons I Love You

When Carl and I started dating we were pretty broke, like, selling plasma for rent money broke. Spending money on Valentine’s day was not happening. Using items I already had I created a 25 reasons I love you jar. I took printer paper and cut it into 25 different sized hearts. On one side, I wrote a reason I loved Carl and on the other I painted it red. I cut out one large heart to write “25 Reasons I Love You”, and then Mod Podged it to the jar. It was simple, but he loved it. Three years and 4 homes later, it still has its own special spot on our shelf.

Craft Together

Carl doesn’t really want to admit it, but we enjoy crafting together. A great craft to do for Valentine’s Day is make your own Valentine’s cards. Even better, make them then deliver them to your local nursing home. Nursing homes can be a lonely place for its residents, even the little gesture of receiving a card can brighten their day. Use what crafts you have on hand or pick up a few items from the store and make something special.

Flea Market Challenge

This is how Carl and I spent our Valentine’s this year (we celebrated early because of his work schedule). We went to the flea market with a specific budget and looked for the coolest items we could find. We left with several awesome records and a cute (and really heavy) vintage iron to use as a bookend.

Cook Together

This is another date we tried during our broke days. We picked a new interesting recipe and went shopping together for the ingredients. (When I say interesting, I mean something where you can only find the ingredients at Whole Foods.) Then attempt to cook the meal together. Worst case scenario you can make a quick fast food run afterward.

Visit Chits & Giggles to see the rest!

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  • These are some great ideas! I’ve been trying to come up with a good idea for V-day this year. We’re not big into Valentine’s day either, so I never exactly know what to do. 🙂

  • Jenny B

    These are some great ideas! Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.