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Hey everyone! I was planning on sharing a craft post with you all today, but life has thrown some more curveballs. The kidney stone saga is still continuing with a new chapter today. Today (literally as I’m typing this actually) Carl is having surgery to put an end to it all. They aren’t physically removing it, but putting in a stint to help it pass. I’m not going into details, but it’s not gonna be pleasant. Carl’s gonna have a rough two weeks, but considering it’s been three weeks with only six inches of progress, this will get the job done much faster and get him back to his real job sooner.


I didn’t fully think through the ukelele gift. I mean, it’s the equivalent of giving a child a drum set for Christmas. I kind of regret it. I told him he should practice when he’s home alone while I’m at work and his response is, “it’s no fun is there’s nobody here to listen”. Honey, nobody wants to here you learn to play the ukelele.

He is pretty funny¬†and conceited. I give him a significant amount of grief for being so conceited about his work…but then we went out with his coworkers and they all bragged about how good he is for like twenty minutes. No wonder he’s conceited. I am really proud of him for doing so well though, it’s not often you find people who are incredibly proud of their work and put in so much effort.

He says he put five grammar mistakes in his post on purpose….I found a lot more than five. I corrected several for his ego’s sake.

He is a pretty big hopeless romantic. And he does have crazy baby fever. Sometimes I think he’s the one with the uterus. I can’t really hate on him for being so excited to be a dad though. He’s great with kids and I know he’s going to be an amazing dad. He has so much love in his heart already for our children that don’t even exist yet, I can’t imagine the joy that will explode from him when we are expecting.

What he didn’t mention about torturing me is that he often fails at scaring me. At least once a week he tries to sneak up on me and he’s only actually scared me three times in our three years together. The most recent one was during this kidney ordeal. When he was first really drugged on pain pills he snuck up behind me while I was taking my eye makeup off and crouched down just enough to be a little bit shorter than me. When I turned around he was right in my face and hissed. HISSED. He made his kidney hurt so bad from laughing. I also might have punched him the kidney after he scared me. It was a reflex. He said my face went from terrified to “I’m going to murder you,” in less than a second.

He really does love me. I kinda love him a lot too. I won’t go into too many details of my love for him because every one of you reading would vomit from the disgustingness of it.

To end this, I’ll leave with his comment in regards to his next post:

“I’m just gonna be like Beyonce, I’m not gonna announce it I’m just gonna post it and everyone will go crazy.”