It’s April! It’s Carl’s birth month, though due to all the nursing school stress, he’s not reminding me on a daily basis as usual. This month we have a few lovely things to focus on besides nursing school and working our butts off to pay bills. I want to get back to the monthly goals/review because I’ve enjoyed looking back at past ones and seeing what we did/accomplished (or failed). So here’s the agenda for April.

This April

No fast food

If there’s anything Carl and I love, it’s setting a health goal that we have no intention of completing. I mean, anyone remember our Whole 30? This time we’re taking the ultimate baby steps. No fast food. We’re even giving ourself on cheat meal a week. It’s going to help us cut that expense and ideally help us lose weight. Fortunately, I’ve had success losing weight but have hit that “you gotta start putting in more effort and eating better” plateau. ┬áSince living in our house I’ve found a new love for cooking, so I’ve got that going for us. I could say it’s the house…but really I’ve just watched a whole lot of Chopped.

Build our garden beds

We had some Lowe’s gift cards we’d been saving for the right time. The time came and we purchased the wood we need to build our raised garden beds. When the fence for our house was build last September, we had 20 x 100 feet saved back behind the fence for a garden. That way the dogs won’t be tempted to run through it or eat of out it. We have enough to build two 4 x4 foot garden beds and I CANNOT wait. That’s another influencer of our no fast food challenge. We figured if we’re about to grow a whole bunch of vegetables, we might as well get used to eating more.

And that’s it

Gotta keep it simple guys. Since our main goals for the next 15 months are pass nursing school and keep making money to pay bills, we can’t go too fancy. Baby steps, right?

What do you have happening this month?

  • Seeing this reminded me I have to do a post on my newsletter blog for the month of April.

  • Sounds like good plans…. no fast food is good for the budget and health! Fast food is so terrible! And I’m sure you could figure out a way to do some batch cooking of some sort to help make your at home meals fast too! I wish you success with the goal. I gave up on gardening myself…other than maybe a few cherry tomato plants…. we have way too much shade with all our trees!. I do love our trees though!