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Hey there everyone! I’ve been feeling under the weather this week and haven’t been cranking out the posts like I planned.  For the sake of posting I’m sharing a guest post of mine previously posted on A Dose Of Paige.  She wanted a post covering Facebook tips, so here are 5 tips to help you get your Facebook game in gear.

Edit: After years of working in a cubicle (as a social media and marketing manager), I’ve broken free and am now writing on a separate site. If you want tips for growing your blog and/or business. Head on over to Winn Creative Co.

5 Things to know about Facebook

You don’t have to abandon ship.

It seems that everyone is against Facebook in recent times, and honestly they have good reason.  It’s harder than ever to get your page content seen because they want you buy their advertising.  For Facebook that’s genius, but for us bloggers it makes it hard to get your page seen.  Does that mean you should give up and move to Google +? Sarah of Yes and Yes has officially abandoned her Facebook page and Roo of Neon Fresh has decided to use Snapchat to update her followers on posts.  (She sends a snap to all her followers whenever a new post is up, it’s genius and hilarious.)

Call me crazy, but I still believe in Facebook. Think about it, what social media accounts are your readers already on? Facebook.  When you want to support a page on social media, do you look for Facebook or Google+? I’m gonna bet on Facebook.  Yes, Google runs the world and Google+ is important for your page, but when it comes to interacting with your readers, shouldn’t you be where they are?  Another good reason to not give up is…

Brands still take your Facebook page seriously.

When brands are looking for bloggers to work with they are going to check your Facebook page.  Big brands are still very interested in using Facebook and growing their following, so when it comes to bloggers they want to see that they too are invested in Facebook.

Utilize photo albums.

A lot of times bloggers just post pictures directly to their newsfeed, and that’s good, but there are lots of ways to take advantage of your photo albums.  Use them as a way to curate your post categories or series.  Have an album for each category and upload photos to each then include a description and link to each post.  This is especially great for outfit posts and recipes.  If you sell a product or service, use an album to collect reviews or images of your products.  Recently went on a fantastic vacation? Instead of dumping all your photos in a blog post, share a few and direct your readers to your Facebook to see the rest in an album.

Post more than once or twice a day and use Facebook to schedule them.

With posts being seen less that means you’re far less likely to annoy followers with constant updates.  Don’t be afraid to promote your posts more than once a day.  Facebook allows you to schedule your posts so definitely take advantage of that.  You can use third party apps to post to Facebook, but they favor posts that are posted through them.  I know, how mean.  If/when you do start sharing more often, be sure to follow the next tip.

Share a variety of content (that still supports your brand).

Do more than share your latest post. You can share an older post, a picture from instagram as well as other people’s posts and links from around the web.  Ask your readers questions, post an article you think they’ll find interesting, share a post from another blogger’s page.  Your Facebook page isn’t just for blasting your latest post, it’s for further crafting the image you’re creating with your blog and creating a relationship with your followers.  To see how one blogger’s page does just that, visit Roo’s Neon Fresh page. She shares a variety of posts, all of which encourage communication with her followers while showing her personality.

There you have it! There’s so much more that can be said about Facebook and the best way to utilize your page for your blog.  I hope this has give you a little bit a hope and a couple ideas to boost your page.  Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions you have by hitting me up through any of the links below. Happy Facebooking!

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