It’s come to my attention lately that some things on Pinterest are getting out of control.  I understand that there are trends. Some things become popular and you just can’t get enough of it.  Many things become popular because they really are that awesome.  Many times things become popular and then just go bad.


Some things on Pinterest just need to stop


1.  Pumpkins.  I’ve shared my feelings on the whole pumpkin trend before.  The someecard below pretty much sums up the pumpkin obsession.  I wouldn’t risk trying this though.  


Pumpkin spice latte eecard


2.  Chevron.  Chevron is all up on everything on Pinterest.  Now, I really do like chevron, but Pinterest is trying really hard to make me hate it.  It’s everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  It’s on Pinterest, in the stores, it somehow made it onto your purses, scarves, and shirts.  It’s like chicken pox.  Just look at all the things that show up when you search chevron on Pinterest.


Chevron on pinterest


3.  Mason jars.  I also love mason jars.  They are so useful.  But there are not meant to be used for a million different crafts.  Please stop using them at your weddings.  They are pretty and practical but not meant for every craft imaginable.  I saw a craft for mason jar spiders.  Really?  Then I saw a pumpkin made out of mason jar lids.  THEN I saw a mason jar lid banner.  Yes.  Do not waste your mason jars please.


4.  Burlap.  One day somewhere a person thought long and hard about what went well with mason jars, and burlap is what they came up with.   Thus began the never ending trend of burlap.


5.  Monograms.  I’m not sure anything exists that can’t be monogrammed, but if there is, the person who’s going to discover it is a white girl from the south.  I admit it, monograms are cute.  But it’s gotten to a point where you’d think a homegirl can’t determine if something belongs to her unless it has her initials on it.  The only positive thing about the monogram obsession is majority of those guilty know they have an obsession.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?  So I guess it’s not too bad.


Monogram pinterest


If you haven’t noticed yet, but somehow all those trends blend into each other.  I mean, just scroll up, there’s monogrammed chevron and chevron pumpkins.  WTF people?  I’m convinced one of them is Voldemort and the rest are its horcrux’s.


Again, I’d like to say there really isn’t anything wrong with the things on my list.  However, less is more.  Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean every blogger needs to come up with some new way to use it.  Also, just for funsies I searched chevron monogram burlap mason jar on Pinterest and items showed up.  I can sadly say the same for when I searched chevron monogram burlap pumpkin.  May Dumbledore be with us all.









  • Rachel

    I agree on most of this (monogramming everything, ugh!) but I have to admit: I still have a major craft love for chevron. For some reason it just never gets old for me, although I am picky about the kinds of chevron patterns that I like– I mean, there’s the artfully done, handwritten-style chevron, and then there’s the “Look, I can make triangle shapes in Paint!” chevron. Although, I try not to judge, because in terms of artistic skill I probably fall in with the latter. Sigh.

  • I loved this post and how thoughtful it was! I recently started slowly taking in the chevron trend after not being so on-board with it but hate seeing it everywhere, all of the time!

  • Angel

    I am so with you one everything on this list. I use Mason Jars for canning, have never been able to get into the chevron trend at all honestly. and Monograms are cute for like a gift for someone but I don’t think I honestly own anything that is monogrammed. as for the pumpkin, I do like the smell of pumpkin soup, muffins or bread, it does smell like fall to me though.

  • Alli

    I know what you mean, it is so repetitive! I wish I there were settings on Pinterest that would block mason jar, chevron prints, owls, maternity photos (soooo many), and food with lavender.

    But I am so guilty of the pumpkin obsession.