Holiday traditions has been something I’ve been thinking about so much lately.  This year begins Carl and I’s first holiday together for the rest of our lives.  Last year we had only been together a few short months and had six roommates between the two of us, so survival was more important than tradition.  We did have time to make it special, but this year we really wanted to start traditions that will carry on.  Some of these developed organically and others we are excited to begin next year.

Creating our holiday traditions

1.  Have holiday photos taken.  This happened last year by accident.  We attended a church fundraiser of a student of ours and they happened to be taking holiday photos for a great price.  The mother of our student was helping with pictures and we thought it would be a fun thing to do.  I’m so glad we decided to have the photos taken.  Holiday photos have always seemed to silly to me, but I love that years from now I will be able to see how our family has grown since our first year together.

2.  Black Friday shopping.  I have such mixed feelings about this.  I refuse to ever shop on Thanksgiving day or to ever go into Walmart, but we shopped on actual Black Friday this year and it was nice.  In the future we want it to be a day where I go shopping with the kids and friends while Carl stays at home and works on our next tradition of…

3.  Putting up Christmas lights and the tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Carl loves putting up Christmas lights.  He put up lights this year and boy does it look ridiculous.  We want to stock up on nice lights after Christmas to save for next year.  Considering how OCD he is, we think it’s best if I do Black Friday shopping while he stays home and puts the lights up.  Later that day or over the weekend we can tackle the tree together.

4.  Bake holiday cookies together and share them with someone special.  We really want to incorporate giving into our holiday and we think this will be a great way to spend quality time and give back.  I mean, how sweet will it be to bake with our future babies and let them do the honors of giving the treats away?

5.  Give back in multiple ways.  This year we don’t really have the means to really give any significant amount of money, but we’ve done what we can.  I paid for the food of the person behind me in the drive through and we are also donating clothes to a family we have adopted through work.  We have also gone through our closet and donated clothes to other causes.

I know as the years go by more traditions will form, especially once we have children, but for now I’m loving making these memories with Carl.  To me it’s the traditions that really make the holidays special.  What traditions do you practice every year?