Time for a wedding update!  My bridesmaids finally know what to wear and boy was it difficult.  I originally wanted strapless green bridesmaid dresses, but it turns out finding a long green dress that’s pretty isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I also fortunately realized that we are going to have lots of outdoor pictures, and green dresses would just be too much green.

I wanted to share with you several of the dresses I was eyeing on Pinterest so you can see what I was wanting.  Then I’ll share with you what I actually ended up picking.  I was a bit surprised, but I guess that’s how things go sometimes.

Mint bridesmaid dress

Green bridesmaid dresses

Green bridesmaid dresses

And here is the dress I went with…drumroll please…..

Yellow one shoulder bridesmaid dress

And this is the color.

Allure pink high low bridesmaid dress

I know.  It’s not strapless and it’s not green.  It’s pink.  PINK.  I gotta say I am not a pink person.  I like the color but I am not that kind of girly girl.  I was worried the bridesmaids would hate it but they were awesome.  They were more surprised that I actually wanted pink over the fact they would have to wear it.

What would your favorite bridesmaid dress look like?


  • Bridesmaid’s dresses are so hard to choose. It took me forever to find something that I liked for my girls to wear, and it ended up being outside of my wedding colors, but I loved the dresses so much that I just had to go with them. haha. I’m glad you found something that you love. It’s going to look so pretty!

    • katiewinn

      I feel you. I’m glad I found something I loved….though I changed my mind about them this weekend. It’s such much more difficult that I ever expected!