Now that I finally have a fully functioning kitchen I’ve been dying to try some new recipes.  Unfortunately I have yet to acquire all the kitchen staples I need, but I’ve been doing what I can.  Carl’s grandparents have a ridiculously large supply of pantry items that they let us go through and take what we need.  One of our finds included a gluten free pizza crust kit.  Pretty awesome right?


Gluten free pizza crust

If you look closely you can see it says, delightfully easy.”  It lied.  I don’t remember what we ended up eating that night, but it sure as heck wasn’t pizza with gluten free crust.  As an experienced pretzel maker, Carl tried to work his magic and save the dough.

Making pizza crust

There’s only so much you can do with dough that didn’t even rise….

Failing at making pizza crust

I have to be honest and say that I didn’t quite follow directions exactly as they were written.  I didn’t use a hand mixer and I didn’t have saran wrap to cover the bowl with while it (didn’t) rise.  Are those steps really that important?

Share with me your knowledge!

How do I make pizza crust without failing?  Do you have any foolproof recipes or tips?