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I’m taking a break from enjoying Wisconsin to participate in A Dose of Paige’s Harry Potter linkup! I mean, come on, why would I not participate in this? The first linkup is to share Harry Potter tattoos you have or want, considering I have a HP tattoo, I can’t miss out!  I figured since I have more than one tat, I might as well list them all.

Harry Potter Tattoo

Psalm 18:2-3 scripture reference in my best friend’s handwriting.

I this tattoo right after I graduated college but had planned to get it for years.  My general rule for tattoos is I must decide on that tattoo and think about it for at least 6 months.  The scripture reference is significant to me because as a teenager I dealt with a lot of emotional issues.  After months of depression and lots of prayer I opened my bible and came across this scripture.  In that moment I felt peace like I had never felt before and for the first time in months I felt like I was going to be ok.  Growing up is hard, and life doesn’t exactly get easier, but those words continue to be a reminder that God is looking out for me and I will be ok.

An anchor behind my right ear.

I got this at the same time as my scripture tattoo…I know that goes against my 6 month waiting period rule.  My BFF came with me to the tattoo appointment and the day of was considering getting another tattoo.  For years we had talked about getting matching tattoos but could never agree on anything.  After hours on Pinterest she decided she wanted an anchor behind her ear.  I got a little jealous because I liked it but had no reason to ever get it.  She suggested it be our matching tattoos and it was decided! We both grew up together in a town on the coast so the anchor felt like an appropriate choice.

The Deathly Hallows on my back.

I fricken love Harry Potter.  That’s pretty much all that needs to be said about that one.  Carl and I got tattoos on our honeymoon and this was what I had planned on getting for months. Finally make it back to my 6 month waiting period.

I know some people are against or not at all interested in tattoos, but they’ve always appealed to me.  It took me a long time to take the plunge, but I’m glad I did and I look forward to all the tattoos I’ve planned for the future.  For me, tattoos are like scars you get to choose.  They tell the stories of where you’ve been and what you value.  I want my future children to look and learn about my tattoos and know they are descriptive of me.  They’ll know my anchor is for Beaufort and their Aunt Kayla and they’ll read Psalm 18:2-3 and (hopefully) feel the same comfort from God.  They’ll definitely read Harry Potter and learn the value of friendships and the importance of doing what is right even when it isn’t easy.  I love the stories tattoos tell and I’m proud of the stories I’m sharing.

What tattoos do you have or want?

Do we have the same taste in tattoos? You can check out my Pinterest board for all my tat inspiration.

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  • Megan Hall

    I loved how you described tattoos in the last paragraph. I have one I’d definitely like to get and I’m debating maybe one more. Like you…I want to think on it before I commit because it’s a major decision. I personally think it’s important to have a story behind a tattoo. Thanks for sharing yours.

  • Confirming again that we are indeed the same person. I haven’t done my HP tattoo…yet. I want to get a light bulb, the lightning bolt scar and a crown. I 100% love all of my tattoos, form my shitty first one to my biggest one that I only sat on for a month to the one I thought about for a year.

    I love what you said about tattoos telling your stories. I feel exactly the same way. xxoox

  • I’m too chicken to get a tattoo! Definitely love your Deathly Hallows one! If I ever got one I’d probably get something Psych related because it’s changed my life (weird I know haha).

  • I love tattoos with meaning!

  • Erica

    I loved this post and I LOVE your Harry Potter tattoo!! I’m a freak about HP as well. I have five tattoos and love each and every one of them. Every time I decided to get a new one people would try to talk me out of it, but I just enjoy getting them. My favorite are the orchids that are on my side. It starts from my shoulder and goes down to my hip bone. I love it. I’ve started thinking about getting another one, but we’ll see.

  • I love your tattoos and the meanings behind them. I have two tattoos. One is a sunflower that my father drew. It reminds me of a camp I went to growing up for kids Crohn’s Disease because the camp was covered in sunflowers. I have the words, “Let It Be,” on my wrist because when I was in a lot of pain I would sing myself that song and it would remind me to let go and let God take care of me. I’m already itching for another one…just not sure what yet.

  • LOVE your tattoos! And yet again, inspired for an upcoming post! I currently have 3 and still plan on getting a couple/few more. And I like that you have a waiting period because I did too, but mine were about a year or so apart. A million points for the Deathly Hallow tattoo!

  • AHHH! This made me so happy. I love the stories behind your tattoos. I have two tattoos – one matching yours because we’re both awesome and because HP is even more awesome, and one that I got when I was 18 that’s a fairy on a peace sign that needs some updating. It’s kind of fading. It’s always nice to meet people who love Harry Potter enough to seal the deal with a tattoo. Love!

    • Wooo! I’m so glad!! I’m fascinated with stories behind tattoos. I have a “tattoos behind the blogger” series I keep wanting to do but haven’t made it to yet. I have so many more on my future tattoo list, I just haven’t found the time (or money haha). It’s so awesome we have the same HP tattoo! Do you get people stopping you about it? I got stopped twice the other day by other hardcore Harry Potter fans. I still think my favorite are the people who have no idea what it means. Their theories behind the meaning are always great.

      • I don’t have many shirts that show it off, but I’m looking into investing in more. I’ve had lots of compliments on it though via social media. It’s been so fun meeting closet HP fans!