Vegan Fest

In Wisconsin, Carl and I attended Vegan Fest with his dad, and I must admit I was a little nervous. I chowed down hardcore on some chicken less than an hour before walking through the event doors. Were they going to smell the chicken on my breath? Will someone ask if my makeup is cruelty free? Clearly I was overreacting and a probably a bit judgmental. Not only was it very friendly,

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Happy hump day! Check out these photos from our mini trip to Wisconsin for Carl’s dad’s wedding.  It was short but jam packed with funness.



Our first day we went to the zoo, one of my favorite places EVER.  This zoo is fantastic because it is actually free to the public.  It was donate to the city with the only requirement being it remains free to the public.  They manage to keep it open through donations and food sales.
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Hello everyone!  I hope you all survived your 4th of July Vacation well!  Mine was absolutely wonderful.  I was able to spend a week in Beaufort visiting my parents and brother and then spend a weekend in Wisconsin for Carl’s dad’s wedding.  It was super busy yet super relaxing.  Not only did I have a fantastic time,  I was able to take pictures. What what!

One of my nights visiting I cooked dinner for my parents.  
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