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It’s pretty clear the Sarbacker household hasn’t been the healthiest it’s ever been since the start of the year. While Carl’s kidney issue has definitely been needing the most attention, I too have been sick. I’ve had a stomach virus, several migraines and a persistent cold/flu that has been coming and going. With the time off I’ve taken to care for Carl, I can’t lose anymore to annoying illnesses. Fortunately, my past record of over achieving during my school days has really helped me learn how to power through inconvenient illnesses. I thought today I’d share with you all some tips to survive a sick day when you can’t take one.

P.S. Carl’s surgery went well, thank you all for the nice messages. The stone was lodged and causing blockage and swelling, so surgery was definitely the right thing to do. Carl’s hanging in there much better than I expected, but it’s still going to take a week or two for him to feel back to normal. We’re just glad the stone is out and this is all almost over.

How to survive a sick day when you can't take one // You can't always take a sick day when you aren't feeling well, here's tips to make it through without getting sicker.

Take the right type of medicine as directed

Medicine is a beautiful thing. I’m really bad about just suffering through something and letting my body work itself out. That’s a terrible idea. Take the cold medicine or whatever is recommended and keep up on when the next dosage is due. Always take the medicine when it’s time for another dosage, don’t just wait until you feel crappy again.

Tell the right people

People who will expect things from you should know your sick. If you normally cook dinner, let your roommate or significant other know you aren’t up to it. Do the same if you have an active job or athletic activities. I wouldn’t publicize your illness to all your coworkers because many people are very anti being around sick people, but you don’t want to be run ragged if you don’t have to be.

Dress appropriately and be prepared

The worst thing is to be miserably hot or cold when you’re sick. Wear your most comfortable outfit that’s appropriate and bring layers. Wear comfy shoes and wear your hair back.

Cut back where you can

You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t feel well. You also don’t need to run all your errands. If your kitchen is empty, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing food to go and get groceries another day. Your friends won’t hate you if you cancel plans for the night or even the whole weekend. I used to be that person that would power through any sickness and try and keep up with all my commitments. It’s not worth it. You only get one body and keeping it healthy isn’t going to get any easier.

Let people help you

There’s no shame in asking for help. I’ve texted Carl from the other room to bring me food or medicine, it’s worth it even if you get a little judged. Let your coworker handle the task. If you’re out of medicine, ask someone to bring you some. We often worry about inconveniencing people, but friends are meant to help you when you are in need. Let them drive over to cook for you or take your dog out.

Pamper yourself then go to bed

Drink hot tea, take a warm bath or do something with all those essential oils everyone is talking about. It will help you feel better, plus you deserve it for beasting through your sickness. Once you’ve enjoyed your treat, but on comfy jammies and hop in bed. It’s ok if it’s before 10 pm. It even ok if it’s 7 pm, when you’re not feeling well rest is the most important thing you can do.

Lastly, know when to call it quits

Sometimes you just have to take the sick day. Using a day to literally lay in bed and do nothing but sleep and take medicine┬ácan get you better much faster than fighting through it. If you’re throwing up, are super contagious or literally feel like you’re dying, just stay home. Nobody wants to give up a vacation day, but sometimes you need to put yourself first.

What are your secrets for getting through a sick day?