I’m constantly amazed at the community blogging creates.  I was really thinking about it the other day and it’s amazing at the individuals I’m been able to get to know and the joy it’s brought me.  I still get big smiles when I get a new blog comment or retweet and I definitely feel like high fiveing (fiving?) someone when I get a new follower.  Today I wanted to share a few ways to show thanks for the support bloggers give.  Supporting other blogs is such an important part of blogging, even if your support goes unnoticed.  It’s good blogging karma, the more love you send out into the blog world, the more you get back.

Edit: After years of working in a cubicle (as a social media and marketing manager), I’ve broken free and am now writing on a separate site. If you want tips for growing your blog and/or business. Head on over to Winn Creative Co.

How to support a fellow blogger

Leave a comment on their post.

This is kind of a duh thing to say.  Every blogger knows the importance of leaving comments on other blogs. However, sometimes we get in the habit of being backseat readers.  I’m 100% guilting of reading a blog religiously and never leaving a comment.  Even if you feel leaving your comment will go unnoticed, it’s worth doing.

On the other hand, don’t be that annoying commenter.  If you leave a comment, make sure it relates to the post.  Just like the content you publish, make sure it has a purpose.  Also, don’t leave a link to your blog.  Your comment is most likely already connected to your blog and it’s incredibly spammy.

Retweet their post.

Social media is also another obvious way to support a blogger.  You can simply retweet one of their tweets or you can take it up a notch.  Tweet about it directly from you account.  Pin it to Pinterest.  Use it in a link roundup post.  You establish authority from what you share with the public.  Sharing content that supports your brand is a win for both you and the other blogger.

Click on their sponsor ads.

Seriously. Go to a blog right now and click on all the sidebar ads.  I can tell you it is stressful to have sidebar ads and nobody clicking them.  When bloggers have sponsors they want to send them all the views in the world, but at the end of the day they can’t make you click on them.  So go click on them! You’ll be supporting multiple bloggers and maybe finding your new favorite blog crush.  (I know I’m not the only one with blog crushes.)

Let them know about any mistakes or typos.

I know. It’s really awkward to send a person you don’t know a “sorry, but you misspelled awkward on your photo” email. I know it’s awkward to receive it too.  Yes, I have misspelled awkward on a photo before, it took over two months before someone pointed it out.  Facepalm.  As bloggers we have a reputation to keep.  We want to produce quality content for our readers and we want said readers to believe that we do in fact know how to spell basic english.  As long as you’re nice about it, every blogger will be thankful to know something on their blog needs correcting.

Click their affiliate links.

Many bloggers are affiliates to certain companies and get a cut every time someone goes through their link and makes a purchase.  Amazon is one of the big affiliate companies bloggers are a part of and they can get commission off anything you buy as long as you went to Amazon through their affiliate link.  If you click their link to the camera they bought but end up buying a fridge, they can get a cut of that.  Blogging costs money, why not help a blogger make a little money back by clicking through their link for purchases?

What’s your favorite way to support a fellow blogger?


  • This is great! I’m pretty good at leaving comments but am so so bad at supporting fellow bloggers through social media. I will definitely step up my game on that one!

    • SomethingWinnderful

      It’s such a hard habit to stay on top of (obviously seeing as I’m just now getting to replying to comments). I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  • These are awesome tips! I’m a good blog commenter and reader, but the favor is rarely returned on my blog. It’s really hard to establish a brand and credibility when nobody is viewing or commenting.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I’m glad you like the tips! I’m up and down with commenting, I always read comments and visit the blogger who let it, but I usually take longer than I should to reply. It’s a terrible habit. I’m going to start trying to reply as soon as people comment, maybe that’ll help me stay on top of things.

  • I would have to agree on the sidebar ads. I really wish people who click more on them.

  • I’ve found several blogs I absolutely love by click on them on the sidebar, so I try to do that often. Good reminder about retweeting and reposting. I need to get better at that.

  • Yes to all of this! I have been the WORST at commenting lately but I’m trying really hard to work on that. Once upon a time I was really good at returning comments and discovering new blogs through commenting but… I guess I got lazy. But there’s really no quicker way to make a blogging friendship than through commenting and social media 🙂

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Girl. I’ve been bad about commenting lately too, clearly since I’m just now replying to this. I’m going to try responding to comments as soon as I get them. Originally I would reply all at once so I could go browse the commenters blog, but doing that I obviously take to long to respond. I read the comment as soon as I get it, might as well respond right then right? You’re right though, commenting is the best way to find new blogging buddies 🙂

  • I love this. I make typos all the time (which is dumb b/c I’m getting a PhD in English). I think we all do! So, yes…help a sister out!

    I think this post is so important because this community relies on support. 🙂

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  • I never really thought of clicking on the sponsors in a bloggers sidebar as helping them out. I’ve definitely done it a few time though. Especially after I saved up some money for a bigger blog and didn’t get over 10 clicks. I defnitely try to do these things every once in a while because I hope someone would do the same for me!

    • SomethingWinnderful

      People not clicking the sidebar ads kill me! It’s too stressful. Whenever I sponsor a blog I make sure to only buy ones that involve a feature post or guest post, I just don’t trust people to click the sidebar ads. Some days I go through and click a bunch of them, it really is a great way to find new blogs to follow.

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  • Great reminders here! I definitely go through phases where I don’t do a lot of commenting or clicking, but if I’m taking the time to read someone’s post (and it resonates with me), why not say something to let them know I’m listening?

    I typically don’t point out typos ’cause I’m afraid of coming off as nitpicky… but GOD I wish people would tell me when I make a typo! (Since I know you feel the same, I’ll point out that in the first listed item here you wrote “I’m 100% guilting” instead of “guilty.”) It happens to us all!

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  • I love the idea of telling someone when there is a mistake…it’s so embarrassing when you notice it ourself like 6 months later! Not cool

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I know right?! I have a post called “when being a blogger gets awkward” and in the photo for the post I misspelled ‘awkward’ (a reader finally pointed it out). Oh the irony.

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  • Katie, now that I’ve been almost on EVERY page of your blog, TONS of information, absolutely phenomenal! I’ve been working on building my blog, slow going for someone as impatient as I, adding quality photos, social media links, etc. Your blog has been such help. Thank you!
    p.s. I also, appreciated your saying it’s ok to comment on a correction on a blog I’m reading. I’m reading SO many blogs lately, I occasionally find a mistake and want SO bad to say something, but because I’m such a newbie, I feel embarrased about saying anything. Thx.