I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there that this post does not have one central purpose, but is more of a compilation of announcements of sorts.  No I’m not pregnant.  Don’t even say that word around me.  If it makes this post more bearable know most of these announcements are for you guys.

1. I’ve got a new linkup happening on Saturdays.  It’s called Social Saturday and it’s where you can share a post from the week.  No crazy rules about having to follow hosts or anything. The only rule is you must comment the post before yours.  You can also use #getsocialsaturday on Twitter and chat it up.

2. I’ve started an easy DIY series on my Facebook page.  Remember that flower sign I slaved over? I shared how to make it on Facebook.  The thing is, I love crafting, but I’m about as lazy as it gets.  If it has a lot of directions, I’ll just skim over and make it work.  I figured my crafts don’t warrant blog posts, so they are going to be a little mini series on Facebook.

3. Amanda of Notes From A Newlywed nominated me from a Sunshine Award! Wooooo! High fives and chest bumps all around!  There were several rules to follow for it, but I’m just gonna skip them and answer the questions she wrote for the nominees.

Something Winnderful Sunshine Award

1. What do you love most about blogging?

I think my favorite part of blogging is the creativity and freedom it allows.  I love thinking up new ideas and just running with them.  It’s always an adventure and it’s always changing. I also really enjoy the community around in blogging.  It’s great to just throw random thoughts out there and have some stranger go “Hey! I think the same thing!”.

2. What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read much recently.  I started Divergent on the honeymoon and am surprised I enjoyed it.  I’m one of those people who likes to read books that have been made into movies and then have a strong opinion about which was better.  IMO Hunger Games is way better as a movie (the love triangle to big a deal in the books).  Harry Potter, great but should have been 100+ hours long to include EVERY detail.

3. What TV show or movie do you love that most others don’t (maybe an undiscovered gem or something you think is underrated)?

I LOVE the movie Clue.  I think it’s hilarious.  My BFF/old roommate of a million years also loves it so we’ve watched it together a million times.  The new roommate (the husband) does not like it. I haven’t watched it since he watched it with me and said he hated it.

4. Coffee or tea?

Neither, give me a Coke and I’m your best friend.

5. If I were to visit you in your hometown, where would we go?

We would go to my house and then downtown.  My family lives on a farm with a pond/lake and horses.  We would visit there first then head downtown.  Beaufort has a beautiful and historic coastal downtown.

6. What would you buy if you found $500 right now?

A dinner at The Cazbah and then put the rest into savings.  I want a house.

7. Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?

Hmm.  Alaska was pretty cool and so was the Bahamas.  One place I still think back to is this underground cavern I snorkeled through in Mexico.  I was terrified but it was very cool.

8. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Fast food.  Oh sweet Jesus I love fast food.

9. Got a celebrity crush?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yes please.  I also have girl crushes on Emma Stone and Emma Watson.

10. Do you have a significant other? If so, what’s the best thing about that person?

I’ve managed to snag myself a husband! Going strong after a whole month.  I think my favorite thing about him is his weird, unashamed sense of humor.  He has some corny jokes, but he commits like a pro.  If the joke isn’t funny, he sure will be for telling it.

11. What advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Just keep writing and posting.  I think the only way to grow is to keep hitting publish.  You learn what you don’t like to write about.  Experience will teach you so much more than you think. Find some great blogs with tutorials you trust and read those.  Lastly, visit The SITS Girls, they are your friends.

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  • Alex K

    I’ve got to tell you that I squealed and said, “I love the Emmas too!” out loud in my office, where I am lucky that no one is around to hear me. I also love Emma Roberts too.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      There must be something about Emma’s. They are both just so normal and incredibly beautiful. I’ve never really been into Emma Roberts, but she also hasn’t been in anything I’ve seen. She definitely seems to be another great example of a normal celebrity though.