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Well, I’ve already come clean about our cheating. I still don’t really feel bad about it, but I do regret it a little bit. Kristin has been beasting the Whole 30 and having amazing results, and I gotta say I’m a little bit jealous. It’s been a week since I shared our cheating, so today I wanted to share whether or not we’ve gotten back on the wagon.


are we back on the whole 30

Short answer: No. In fact, I had Sonic for lunch today. Carl wanted it, and considering we’re on day 10 of kidney stone hell, I was gonna let him have it. He’s doing well and hasn’t been in any pain for the past several days. He’s still on a pretty fancy cocktail of medications and will hopefully pass the stone soon. He’s officially missed two weeks of work due to everything and the lack of social interaction has definitely taken a toll. As an introvert, spending these past 10 days with an extreme extrovert have been especially taxing. In sickness and in health, right?

We haven’t gone completely crazy and binged on fast food every meal. I was surprised that after only a week of doing the Whole 30, the flavor of fast food has already lost its appeal. Now fast food tastes more like a treat. The kind that you enjoy but know you’d be absolutely miserable if you had it often. My ‘fat day’ pants are now a bit big and my ‘skinny day’ pants are now my any day pants. With results like that, I don’t think I could ever go back to a diet of processed food.

plans for the future

Currently we do not have plans to get back on the Whole 30. We loved the results we experienced and value the mentality of not allowing any cheats for the 30 days. I completely understand how just one cheat turns into too many more, heck, we experienced it first hand. For us, the 30 day commitment isn’t something we want to attempt again just yet.

That said, majority of the food I purchase from the grocery store is still Whole 30 approved. Many of the meals I have planned for this week and have cooked in the past week are also Whole 30. We no longer keep any soda in the house and we don’t really miss it anymore. My work snacks are now fruit and Larabars instead of the king size bag of skittles. Any non Whole 30 items I purchase for cooking contains no processed ingredients. We’ve decided to focus on creating a non processed kitchen, but not feeling guilty if we want to grab a pizza to eat while we watch a movie over the weekend.

The Whole 30 has taught me that we can make a radical change and experience results that are completely worth it. I do think we’ll try the Whole 30 again down the road. Until then, we’re focusing on learning new recipes (Carl is even starting to cook) and filling our family recipe book with healthy (even Whole 30) recipes.

Do you stick to any specific diet?

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