I’ve tried to write this post a million different times this past week.  Nothing sounds quite post worthy enough so I’m just going to lay it all out there.  My life is a hot mess.  Actually, I’m not hammered or slutting around so I guess hot mess doesn’t quite describe me accurately.  I’m tired, sick, 100% overcommitted to projects, in the middle of moving, have client projects that are way late, a website supposedly launching in a week, oh, and I’m married now.

It’s glorious.

It’s like rays of sunshine and happiness are shining down on me while I promptly step in the largest pile of dog shit.  All these stressful things are still stressing me out, but hello, I just got MARRIED to the coolest dude on the planet, how could I be anything less than thrilled with life?

I am this insanely stressed, thank you note writing, sleep deprived, germy (idk what sickness I have, allergies? west nile?), box packing, furniture moving, pumped full of happiness zombie.  I never knew so much stress and happiness could coexist in the human body.

I was going to try and say this pictures sums up my feelings of stress and pure joy, but who cares.  Just enjoy this picture from our wedding without any thought to its purpose.

Dinosaur wedding picture

Clearly things have taken a backseat to the month of insanity.  Things like cooking, sleeping, daily showers, my sanity, projects and blogging to name a few.  Love it forward has also not gotten lots of love this month.  I will say it has gotten a lot of thought, as has all the other tasks that have been neglected.

With that I discovered I did do something to love it forward.  I chilled the eff out.  I accomplished all the things I accomplished and failed all the things I failed without a major meltdown or world war.  The greatest thing I did during wedding planning and the day of was the smartest thing I ever did and it has saved me from myself this past month.   Every time I found myself contemplating all the stuff I had to do, I chilled out and refocused.  I picked the top one to three things that were important and took care of those things.  Everything else could hold on until it was their turn.

Focus on the one thing you need to work on and forget about the rest until it’s their turn in line.  Thinking about your entire to do list will send you to tears, curled up in the darkest corner of your home.

Considering these past 28 days I got married, had an awesome honeymoon, rocked my bridesmaids roll in my friends wedding and mostly packed up and moved out all our ish, it makes it easier to not hate on myself for the things I haven’t done.

With all that finally put out there, it’s (past) time to share the linkup part of love it forward. How did you Love It Forward?  Did you give yourself a break or send a friend a care package?  Link up with Kara, Kenzie and I below or use the hashtag #loveitfwd! If you haven’t done anything yet, never fear, we have a Pinterest board to help you come up with ideas. I even have a post of 20+ budget friendly ideas for every person in your life.

Now it’s time to share the love!

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Keep the love going on social media with the #LoveItFwd hashtag.  I can’t wait to see your posts!

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  • Been there, friend. “They” make it seem like being a newlywed is pure bliss … and whoever “they” are clearly didn’t have a job, life, social commitments, or apparently thank-yous to write. Prioritizing, making some “me” time and lots of deep breaths is definitely the best way to get through it all. You got this! 🙂

  • I hear you! Just know that the picture above is everything to me right now. I’m jealous I don’t have one from my own wedding and I insist that you frame it.