I did some deep thinking last week when I was taking out the trash.  As strange as that sounds, it’s 100% true.  Honestly, I start thinking pretty deeply every time I clean and take out the trash.   It makes me sad.  Not because I have to walk it all the way to the dumpster myself even though I asked Carl too, but because there’s just so much of it.  I just feel so wasteful.  How can I produce so much trash?  Being trashy is never a good thing.

All the thinking really got me researching living more simple.  Minimalist even.  Now, I’m not wanting to live off the grid (though Carl is obsessed with that one show) but do I really need everything I own?  We’re getting married and have a whole list of things we “need” and I don’t even have room for everything I already own.

All the research got me motivated to make some changes.  I know change doesn’t happen over night, hence how I still have fast food binges, but the little changes make a difference.  It was this decision that has led to the creation of a new series.  Simple Living.  Each week I’m going to tackle an aspect of my life and work to simplify it.  I feel like the first step is to decide what living simple means to me.

What simple living means to me

When I imagine living more simple I don’t think of bare rooms and no electricity.  I also don’t think about a wardrobe with only 6 different pieces and only a small selection of dishware.   And I sure as hell refuse to not use the nice toilet paper.  Can one have simplicity without being bare?  I think so.  Here are my motivations and goals for living simple.  

Choosing what we need more than what we want.  

Producing less waste.

Creating more time for relationships and experiences.

Eating more “real” food instead of products with unheard of ingredients.

Feel free to join me in the journey, hopefully it’s not as scary as it seems.  I’ll be sharing the process on Instagram and Twitter and always feel free to share what you’re up to with me.