Shopping Small

Carl and I made our way back this past weekend from our yearly trip to Madison, Wisconsin to visit his dad and step siblings. Like all our visits before, it didn’t disappoint. I absolutely love Madison. It gets WAY too cold for me in the winter, but the atmosphere can’t be beat. It’s the perfect town for my inner hippy. Every time we go we visit the unique small shops and taste as much local food as our stomach can bare. We throw in as many outdoor activities as my fair skin can handle and experience any and all events.

I won’t go into too many details in this post, but I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite shops we visit every time we’re in town. So let’s get started!



This year was the first time I actually purchased something in this store (it’s also the first time we’ve had any amount of money to spend during a visit) but we always look around every time. I love that every product is fair trade and handmade. Their mission as a nonprofit organization is “to eradicate poverty wherever it resides by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide”. Definitely worth checking out their online store (or finding one near you).

Madison Modern Market

Madison Modern Market is another favorite. Last year when we went the poor dude working the register had a terrible hangover and puked. Honestly, you can only feel kinda bad for the guy. We almost always find something there every year. It’s where I found my amazing lunchbox. They always carry super unique and quirky items for nearly every occasion. Like, I’m still a bit disappointed I didn’t get this stationary or this egg/plant.

The Sewcial Lounge

This store was at the top of my list of places to visit this year. We visited last summer but I hadn’t started sewing and I didn’t know much about the store. However, over this past year I kept seeing it pop up on Jeni Baker’s blog, In Color Order. I follow a ton of sewing bloggers and designers and feel like I always see this place mentioned, so I felt like I was going to a bit of a celebrity destination haha. I bought a few mystery bags of fabric and was pleasantly surprised with what was inside. It’s definitely a place I want to visit each time.

Little Luxuries Madison Wisconsin

I literally buy something every time we visit this store. Last year I bought a fantastic Alice In Wonderland puzzle that came in a box that was shaped/looked like the book. This year I bought a beautiful scratch off map of the world so Carl and I can track every where we have an adventure. The store always has unique gifts, locally made jewelry, clever books and just all sorts of things I wish I would have thought of first.

Farmers Market

We visited the Farmer’s Market for the first time last year and knew we had to go back again, only with a much better plan of action. The market takes place on the four streets that surround the capital building, so it’s HUGE. Last year we had no idea what to buy at all. This year we had a plan and bought some delicious veggies, way too many cheese curds and the beautiful bouquet you see above. We’ll definitely be going every time we visit in the summer.

That’s just a few of our regular favorites! Have you ever been to Madison, if so, where do you shop?


  • Well of course I haven’t been there as I am in a different country but have to say shopping small is always a good thing

    • Agreed! I’ve been making a bigger effort to shop small in recent months and I definitely enjoy it more and feel much better about my purchases.

  • I want all the things!