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It looks like the snow days are coming to an end here and Greenville and leaving us with nothing but super cold wind. I’m not thrilled. This is the time of year where I do nothing but go to work and sit inside until it’s warm again.  Last February I occupied myself with wedding crafts, so far this year I’ve been taking care of Carl. Prior to

Prior to his kidney problem I had been going through our home and making donate and repurpose piles.  Probably the biggest pile I’ve created is our t-shirt pile. I’ve already mentioned it’s one of many things you can get rid of. The thing is, it’s really hard to do that. Somehow those shirts hold too many memories to our past, even if we only look at them when we attempt to get rid of them. I’ve been thinking about how to keep all our t-shirts but actually put them to use. These are my favorite ideas so far.


Click links below images for tutorials

Repurposed T-Shirts Into Hoop Art DIY // Created by Take The Cannoli

Hoop Art DIY // Created by Take The Cannoli

Repurposed T-Shirts Into Crochet Rug // Created by  1 Dog Woof

Crochet Rug // Created by 1 Dog WoofEye 

Repurposed T-Shirts Into Wall Art // Created by Bella Dia

Canvas Wall Art // Created by Bella Dia

Repurposed T-Shirts Into Hook & Latch Rug // Created by XO ELLE

Hook & Latch Rug // Created by XO ELLE

Repurposed T-Shirt Into Grocery Tote Bag // Created by Craftaholics Anonymous

Grocery Tote Bag // Created by Craftaholics Anonymous

A few more ideas

Eye makeup removers

I love this. I was wasting so much paper towels and toilet paper taking my eye makeup off. Washcloths were too harsh and I don’t use normal makeup remover. A few years ago I started having bad reactions to eye makeup remover, so I started using Vaseline/petroleum jelly instead and since haven’t had any issues. I took and old t-shirt that was worn down well and cut it into about 5 x 5 inch squares. I keep clean ones in one jar and used ones in another. When I’m running low I just put them through the wash and I’m good to go. I do recommend using darker colored shirts because mascara can stain them. They are still clean, but they don’t look as fresh.

Dust wipes and dish rags

This basically the same concept as the eye makeup remover wipes, only you cut the shirts into larger pieces. This is great for cleaning up smaller messes in the kitchen. Keep one bin for cleans ones and another for dirty, once you run low put them through the wash. It’ll help you save on paper towels and cut down on waste.

T-shirt quilts

I couldn’t find a picture I wanted to use for this, but it’s a great project to use up a lot of old t-shirts while actually putting them to use. T-shirt quilts can be a pretty involved project and take a decent amount of time, but in the end you’re left with a usable quilt made of 10+ t-shirts that you love. It’s a good project if you have way too many t-shirts but can’t manage to part with them. Just doing a search for t-shirt quilts on Pinterest will give you plenty of different tutorials to choose from.

How would you want to reuse your old t-shirts?


  • I am absolutely doing the hoop art for my Queen and Styx t-shirt that are super stretched out! And I do the exact same thing for eye makeup remover! Vaseline is a Godsend.

    • Isn’t it awesome?! Carl has a bunch of band/vintage tees, way more than he could ever wear, I think this is what needs to be done with them. Totally with you on the Vaseline thing. I remember my mom always had a big thing of it growing up and I thought it was so weird and gross. Yet another moment when mom always knows best.

  • I love the first rug!!

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