I’ve talked before about how I grew up on a farm and I occasionally share photos of my visits home. Growing up with so much land allowed us to have a whole variety of animals over the years. At one point we had about 100 goats, we still have one or two now, as well as horses, ducks, turkeys, chickens, geese, and cows. We never all of that variety at once and I don’t feel like I missed out because the cows were before my time. I owe it to my upbringing for my latest endeavor.


Yes. I need to own chickens. I even have names picked out. Penelope and Petunia. They’re out there ready to come live with us. Once Carl and I started house hunting, “Are we allowed to own chickens here?” was on my list of questions. Currently our HOA says no poultry/farm animals, but I’m gonna put in a little more effort to seeing if I can make it happen, here’s why.

You can now rent chickens in South Carolina. I kid you not. You pay a rental fee, they bring you chickens and everything you need for the duration of your rental, and then you have your own farm fresh eggs in your backyard. I’ve done some talking with the company and they’ve said that HOA rules aren’t a 100% no to the idea. We’re currently broke so the option is off the table fore now, but here’s everything you need to know if you need chickens.

Rent The Chickens | An organization that allows families to rent chickens to provide them with farm fresh eggs.

How it works

First you need to see if they are located in your area. You can the list of the states they are currently in, but they are willing to drive to some locations for a delivery fee. If they’re in your area, it’s as easy as deciding how many chickens you need (2-4) and setting a delivery date. They then bring you the coop, chickens, food (they have organic options), and everything else you will/might need. They set it up and teach you how to care and maintain everything, then you’re good to go! You have the chickens for the rental period, around 6 months, and they come and pick everything up. They offer a rent to own option and a buy out if you decide you don’t want to part with your chickens. I mean, I wouldn’t want to part with my chickens.

Questions you’ll probably have

How much does it cost? In South Carolina, it’s $400 for a basic rental, which is for two chickens. Here’s everything included in the rental.

  • Six month rentals – currently available starting in August, September, & October
  • Delivery, setup, and pick-up of the contents
  • 2 Rent The Chicken Egg-Laying Hens
  • 1 Standard Chicken Coop that can be easily moved
  • 1 Custom Rent The Chicken Food dish
  • 1 Water dish
  • 100 pounds of Chicken Feed (optional organic feed available for $50 more)
  • Quick guide for taking care of your Rent The Chickens
  • A copy of “Fresh Eggs Daily” by Lisa Steele

Why is it only a couple months? Egg production slows during the colder months, so the rental only lasts during the months the chickens are producing the most eggs.

How many eggs will I get? It really depends on the chicken and how many you get. Rent The Chicken says you can expect 8-14 or 15-24 eggs a week.

Are chickens loud? Nope. Roosters are loud, chickens are not. I can’t recall our chickens growing up causing in noise.

Do they smell? Let’s put it this way, all poop smells. If you don’t want smelly chickens, clean the coop as regularly as recommended. If you care for the chickens like you’re supposed to, you won’t have any issues with smell.

How to find more information

Rent The Chicken has been super easy to get in touch with and very helpful with my questions. They were also great at helping me figure out if we were even allowed to have chickens. If you are interested in chickens, here are all the links you would need.

Website | Areas they service | Facebook

Would you ever want chickens?

  • What a neat idea! I’d be so down for that. I didn’t grow up on a lot of property but I yearn for space, quiet, privacy and having a little sanctuary, which involves gardens and a ton of animals. Living where would be a challenge with the long, cold winters but it would be worth the effort.

    Someday… 🙂

    • You’re spot on with space, quiet, and privacy. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re struggling now to figure out how to not kill every plant we try and grow, but a garden is something we’re hoping to get. It would be a lost cause for us to even try in Canada haha. I agree it would be worth the effort though!

    • Homestead Phil

      Hello Lindsay! Let us know if we can be of any assistance! http://www.RentTheChicken.com – Take care, Homestead Phil

      • Thanks Phil!! I’m just north of Toronto and live in a condo but when we get a house, I definitely want chickens one day and I will most definitely give you guys a call!! Fantastic learning about the business and what you offer. Very cool and unique. 🙂