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It’s Friday! I was going to do a post on how to declutter without feeling like you’re losing a part of your soul, but that was far too involved for the week I’ve had. Instead, I thought I’d share some very random thoughts that are too random to be their own blog posts. It’s all probably stuff I should never share, but oh well. I do what I want.

To start off, this is what Carl said when he saw what photo I was editing for this post.

“You’re the only one you can blame for ugly pictures of yourself, you can’t be mad when you’re turned into a meme.”


Inventory on faux unicorn rugs is surprisingly low

So, I decided I want a faux animal skin rug in my craft room/office/future baby’s room. I then decided if I’m gonna go with faux (which, of course) why not just go ahead for a unicorn skin rug. This is the pin that started it all. I mean, it’s an adorable rug, right? How cute would it be as a unicorn? Turns out, those things don’t exist. Go ahead. Google “unicorn skin rug”. It’s not gonna be amazing results. So now I’m gonna have to use the how-to post connected to the pin to ghetto rig my own unicorn rug. But Katie, why don’t you just choose a different animal? Because, eff you, that’s why. Just kidding. Because unicorns win everything. Duh.

There is one positive to my failed unicorn rug search. This pin right here.

My maternal instincts are kicking in

Don’t freak out, I’m not pregnant. But the baby fever is there. My news feed is crazy full of kids. And because I like a whole lot of Facebook pages for work, I get lots of posts full of parenting questions and discussions. I definitely read them all. I can’t help it. How could I not read a post where a person asked about spanking? You know that comment section was gonna be crazy. But anyways, I have a motherly concern at least once a week. Here is my top recurring one.

So, we’ve turned into people who let their dog sleep on the bed. I’m not proud. It started with Carl working nights. I would let Gatsby sleep on the bed because it made me feel safer. But now that we have a king size bed, he almost kinda fits on the bed (depending on how he sleeps). He still always asks for permission to get on the bed…most of the time. There have been times he’ll sneak on the bed in the middle of the night. That sparked this concern, what happens if he jumps to lay on the bed and our child is sleeping with us? I mean, he’s 110 pounds, he’d squish them.

It’s grown to now worrying about letting our child out of my eye for a second. Gatsby lays anywhere and everywhere. What if he pops a squat while our baby it’s laying on a play mat? Don’t worry, I know I’m starting to lose my mind. But this is something I worry about at least once a week. I kid you not.

I’ve decided to put my Deathly Hollows tattoo to good use

I feel like I’d be failing as a parent if I didn’t let my children assume my tattoo signifies that I’m a wizard. I mean, I have a wand, I know the spells, and I’m already developing crazy awesome mom senses. By time they’re old enough to make the connection, I will have developed the eyes on the back of my head all moms have.

My shameful purchase

I’ve started using a sleeping mask at night. I don’t know, ever since I bought it I’ve felt like I was keeping some sort of secret from you all. Like, there was a side of me I didn’t want y’all to know. Carl had been regularly using a sleeping mask since he has to sleep during the day and I always gave him grief for being a diva. I knew it made sense for him to use one, but I have to give him grief, it’s part of our marriage.

Since we moved I have been having a hard time sleeping. We thought having street lights outside and having cars drive by might have been the problem. I used his mask one night and it changed my life. We went out and bought ourselves new masks just a few days later. Mine is hot pink with Hello Kitty. I’ve come to terms with it.

why does it take more than one intense workout to be in shape?

Seriously. When I was taking my first spin class there was a moment halfway through when it dawned on me I was not going to be leaving the class in impeccable shape with defined muscles. It was quite a blow.

Sometimes I think about what a great ballet dancer Carl could’ve been

First, let me say Carl occasionally dances around the house like a ballet dancer. It’s hilarious. He did it a few times just to be funny. So now I occasionally yell, “do a ballet dance!” when he’s walking across the apartment and he’ll do it. It’ll always be funny. I think the only reason I think he could be a great ballet dancer is because he’s tall, lean, and would develop muscles the same way male ballet dancers do. Have you seen a male ballet dancer? Hot damn.

What’s been on your mind lately?



  • somecallmecj

    Hi Katie! I know its been a while since I’ve been here and it feels good to be back! Omgsh I’m so glad that my mind isn’t the only one with many many random thoughts. I need to start documenting them more, because I often forget what those random thoughts were an hour later. Anyway, I’m sure your dog won’t squish your kid! i’m sure your dog will know that you now have a kid and protect it. Dogs do that. 😉

  • Marilyn Foster

    Last time I talked to you , you were getting married! Hoping to recollect in March.