It’s moving day!  I’m on a lunch break to take Gatsby out and rest for a few before getting back to business. So far it’s going really well…except for crazy lady.   She watched us from her porch and once she realized we weren’t moving stuff far away she creeped on Carl when he walked our microwave over.  Then she moved from her normal spot at the pool so she could watch us move stuff into our apartment.  How psycho is that?!   Besides that, it’s been a great week!  Here’s some happy things I’ve been very thankful for this week.

1. We’re moving into the new apartment.  And it’s beautiful.  It’s located right off the pool, on the ground level, and has small updates to it that really make a difference.  The floor plan is reversed from where we were but it works out well.  Fortunately I’m the type of person who doesn’t own much more than I need, so we haven’t had to move too much.

2.  Maintenance is officially going to help move the washer and dryer.  Praise Jesus.  When Lowe’s delivered my washer and dryer they told so we had picked out the heaviest ones they sell.  We vowed to get movers whenever we moved out.  Little did we know it would be only a month later.  Thankfully we have people who know what they are doing to help.

3.  I’ve discovered I can change text colors in my blog posts.  Most of you are probably laughing right now, but I used to not have that luxury.  Please bare with me, it may look like a rainbow up in herre for a little bit.  (No that’s not a typo, that’s Nelly.  It’s gettin hot in herre anyone?)

4.  I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award from Dear Wilde!  My heart smiled so much when I saw Rachel did that.  I started following her blog from the very beginning before either of us had our own domain names.  Granted, I haven’t been doing it for that long.  Her blog has been through a lot of changes and I must say I am so jealous of how beautiful it has turned out.

dear wilde

As part of the nomination I answer questions she’s provided.  Here it goes!

What is your favorite kind of book to read?  Honestly, I don’t really have a favorite type of book, I’m really kind of all over the place.  I loathe picking out a book to read.  So when I do, I usually choose something that is an old classic or has/will be turned into a movie.  If I can’t find a character I feel strongly about, I probably wont finish the book.  For example, Hunger Games.  Hated so many things about it.  The only reason I was able to finish it is because of my love for Peeta and intense dislike for Katniss.  I’m just saying, does a love triangle really need to be dragged out for three books?  No.

What inspired you to start blogging, and is there a story about how your blog came to be?  I started blogging because I really loved reading blogs and because creating my own was very helpful for my education.  I was a public relations major in college and having a blog was a great practice and resume builder.  Since I’ve been out of college it’s become more personal and more “me.”  I had an Etsy business by the same name, so when I created the blog I stuck with Something Winnderful since it general yet 100% me.  My last name is Winn if you are wondering about the two n’s. 🙂

What’s your favorite way to relax when you’re stressed?  If I’m stressing about something I can do, I just go ahead and get it over with.  If it’s just life in general, I just straight bum it out.  I’m talking sweats, netflix, and some good eats.  Quality time with the boyfriend doing nothing is a great way to get away from everything.  Visiting my parents in Beaufort is another great way to get away from it all.

Name an artist you admire or whose work has influenced you.  Thaddeus Davis, my contemporary professor in college completely changed the way I viewed movement, both in the classroom and in the every day.  He is probably one of the most intellectual individuals I have ever met and I would do a lot of things to be back in one of his classes.  He constantly challenged the way you moved as well as thought.  Many people would consider a dance degree useless and unchallenging, but let me tell you, he believed in earning an A and getting the most out of your tuition.  I could go on for days about the awesomeness.

If you could master one new skill overnight, what would it be?  Oh gosh, I don’t know.  I honestly want to do everything.  Probably cooking.  I’m a decent cook now, but I would love to be good enough to create my own recipes from scratch.  I’m to the point where I can modify recipes and not ruin them, but I would love to create my own and write a cook book.



There is all is, have a wonderful weekend!!



  • Rachel

    Thank you for the super sweet words about my blog! You’ve been with me pretty much since day one (back when we were both still on!) And by the way, your header inspired the watercolor logo on my site. 🙂

    I loved reading your answers (and I agree with you– YA love triangles are so overplayed; if you can’t do it right, leave it out!)

    • katiewinn

      No problem! Your questions were great, I really had to think about them haha. I could write an essay on the pointlessness of the love triangle in the Hunger Games. I read it so long ago, but I still feel so strongly about it haha.

  • Hey, I just started following you (found you through the Liebster post by Rachel)!

    Will you post some pics of your new home? #nosey 😉

    • katiewinn

      Thanks for the follow! Check out today’s post, I got pictures of my bedroom up 🙂 The rest of the apartment is still coming together, but at least one room is done!