Happy Friday!  I’ve been a little MIA these past few days, but sh*t got real this weekend.  If you read my Pieces of Happy post last Friday you read about my issue with a neighbor.  Pretty much she recently decided she didn’t like Carl and I so she began complaining about Gatsby and beating on her ceiling every time he/we moved around too much. Well, things got a bit more serious over the weekend.  It’s gonna take quite a few words, but in the end you’ll know where I found my happiness this week.

Ladies and gentlemen may I have your undivided attention please, I am happy to announce that shit just got real.

I was told by the office after she complained that we were doing nothing wrong and not to worry about it. Well, it became really hard to ignore it once she began banging her ceiling every time she heard “too much noise.”  It was getting to a point where I was stressed just walking around the apartment.  After talking to a neighbor about the issue I found of some pretty worrisome stuff.  She had recently told our neighbor how upset she was that she (the neighbor) had a “security light” outside her apartment but she didn’t.  Now, there are lights by all the stairways at every building and the light she was referring too was on the side of the building to light up the building numbers.  She followed her statement with, “It’s ok, I’ll just shoot anyone with my gun that comes up by my door.”

That’s when I really have an issue.

Every time we take Gatsby out, we must go by her patio to get to the dog poop area.  I’m not trying to have Gatsby, Carl, or I shot because Gatsby needs to go potty at night.  That’s not okay.

The neighbor who told me this also used to have a dog.  USED to.  The crazy lady complained because it kept going out and running up to her apartment.  Because not being on a leash is a legitimate issue, they ended up getting rid of it.  The startling fact is when we moved in, at the time they got rid of the dog, the crazy lady told us how nice it was we had a dog and it should meet the dog next door.  She said it was so sweet and had to run out and greet her everyday.  She was complaining about something she liked.  Turns out, at the same time the neighbor wasn’t taking her calls because she was out of town, that is why the lady started complaining.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like that’s something a psychopath would do.

Well this past Sunday I took Gatsby on a 3 mile walk.  It was wonderful.  I got home and gave him ice on our deck for him to eat up.  Apparently this was an issue.  She came outside three times to slam her patio door.  After he was done he wanted to play.  She began beating on her ceiling like crazy.  I took him outside to walk and made it about 50 yards before it started to pour rain.  We were soaking wet when we came inside and she started beating the ceiling again.  I ended up holding a soaking wet dog on my bed trying to calm him down so she would stop.  I may or may not have cried.

That right there, was when enough was enough.  Carl got home from work about thirty minutes later and we packed our stuff up and went to stay at his grandparents.  It was so nice to be away.  The next morning I was going to go to the office as soon as it opened and tell them how I really feel.

Don't mistake my cuteness for weakness.  I will terrorize you and turn your house upside down like the tiny tornado that I am.

Now, what that lady was doing is harassment.  100%.  I wanted to be away from her.  My mission going to the office the next day was to be rid of her, whether they were going to do it or the police.

Fortunately, everyone in the office knows she’s insane.  I’ve also gotten to know one of the girls working in the office relatively well.  I didn’t have to be a bitch to get anything done.  After hearing my story they immediately agreed she was crazy and supported me wanting to get away from her.  I was able to get the results I wanted.

1.  They are going to speak to her and tell her she needs to tone down the crazy.

2.  They are not going to renew her lease so she has to move out soon.

3.  They are allowing me to move to another apartment on the bottom level so there are no more noise issues.  It’s closer to the pool and right below the nice girl in the office.  I am able to move in next week and they are going to arrange for maintenance to help move all my large stuff.

Moral of this story, you do not have to let someone push you around.  You have your rights and you shouldn’t let another person walk all over them.

Don't let people push you around.  Unless you're in a wagon, 'cause that shit is awesome.


Have you ever stood up to someone pushing you around?  How did it work out for you?


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  • Wow! Just wow! I’d be so sad if I was harassed like that too. I don’t think my husband would move though. The problem is clearly with that lady and not with you. Good luck on your move!

    • katiewinn

      I feel you, my boyfriend didn’t want to move. But even though she’s being kicked out, I still just wanted to get away from her. We’re moving in today and the apartment is actually quite a bit nicer than where we were. It’s been worth the trouble to get away from the problem and be somewhere nicer.

      BTW-totally loving the changes to your blog, it looks super nice 🙂