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I did something I swore I would never do. I bought a beauty box subscription. I couldn’t help myself. Jessica of Beyoutiful Beauty posted a few weeks ago about a new beauty box she tried and I HAD to have it. It all started with my word of the year. I’m trying to cut out waste and non-ecofriendly products. I’m also working to reduce my clothing and beauty products and invest in high quality items that I love and will last.

The Petit Vour box is exactly what I wanted. This beauty box subscription features luxury beauty products that are 100% vegan/animal cruelty free. High quality products that are animal friendly? Heck yeah. I literally signed up the same day Jessica published her post, so I was able to get the same box she wrote about. I didn’t want to reshare what she already talked about, so today I’m sharing the products included in my January box. Get excited, it’s awesome.

Petit Vour // Vegan Beauty Box Subscription

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Petit Vour Box // January box of vegan luxery goodies from the Petit Vour beauty box. Visit for a review of what's inside.

100% Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream $8 // “A much needed winter staple, this rich buttercream moisturizes, softens and deeply nourishes with its plethora of anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants.”

Goodness gracious, this is wonderful. It smells great and makes my hands feel like silk. I’m usually not a fan of lavender, but this smelt amazing to me.

EVOLVh Leave-In Conditioner $8 (full-size $26) // “Much like their bestselling shampoo/conditioner duo, this Leave-In Conditioner has captured our attention with its clean ingredients, delicious scent, and undeniable performance.”

Sweet baby Jesus, this was glorious. I swore I wouldn’t fall in love with a super expensive product, but I did. I sprayed this in my hair, woke up the next morning and it was like my hair had been done by the hands of an angel. I spent 5 minutes touching up a few curls, added a few more spritz and I was good to go. My hair wasn’t frizzy the rest of the day, held its style the whole day and smelled fantastic. I will gladly pay the price for the whole bottle. I even had to take a selfie to send to Kristin just so someone could share in my awesome hair day. I mean, look at this. This took five minutes and lasted all day.

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Modern Minerals En Pointe Eye Shadow $12.50 // “En Pointe is a stunningly gorgeous shade, exclusive to Petit Vour, that we feel captures our essence beautifully. It’s chic and feminine, formulated with only the purest minerals.”

I used this today and really liked it. It’s not something I would pay that much for once it runs out, but it is nice. It went on well and didn’t get all caught in my lid crease. Overall it was a win.

Rawskineuticals Rose Creme Cheek Color $15 // “Each line is comprised of a complex blend of Raw Oils, Herbs and Butters. Why raw? To preserve the integrity and nutrition of the ingredients and to achieve balance for your skin.”

To be honest, I haven’t tried this yet. It’s creamier than I expect, but it’s a very nice color. Cream beauty products kind of creep me out, mostly because I’m really bad at applying it.

Update: I tried it and I love it. I feel like a model with it on.

So how much does this box of amazingness cost?

I was very surprised that the subscription was affordable. It’s $15 for a one month subscription, or you can do $45 for three months and $90 for six months. The one month subscription is billed monthly and you cancel it anytime, the other subscriptions are a one time fee. I went with the three months because I wanted to try several products (and get a nice little gift in my mailbox once a month). At this point I would love to keep the subscription for longer than three months, but I don’t think I can spend that type of money.

My only complaint is the box doesn’t seem very personalized from what I can tell. You do fill out a questionnaire with your product interests, and I put that I have zero interest in nail stuff, but I still got nail polish in my December box. I don’t know if that’s just because I signed on early enough to get an already sent out box, or if you really don’t have that much say in what you get. That said, out of the eight products I’ve received thus far, the nail polish is the only miss. It was a lovely color that I would totally wear, I just never paint my nails. (I’m lazy and it’s too much work for something that’ll be messed up within 48 hours, if not immediately.)

Would you try the Petit Vour box?


  • Awesome, I’m so glad you signed up and you love it so far! I think I’ll be getting my January box today in the mail, and I can’t wait. I don’t think the boxes are as customizable as Ipsy, but I still love the variety of brands and products I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

    • Thank you again for sharing about them! I guess it kind of sucks it’s less customizable, but I’m still really happy with it. I’m clueless when it comes to beauty products and I’m really satisfied with everything I’ve tried so far.

  • Oooh, nice! I, too, am trying to switch to more eco-friendly beauty products. This looks perfect! Thanks for the info and I’m glad you liked it so much! Definitely looking into it…

    • Nice! Let me know if you try it. I’ve always been pretty anti subscription boxes, but I’m incredibly satisfied with this one. Since writing this post I’ve tried every product I’ve gotten in the past two boxes and love them all.

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