We’ve made it to Friday! One of my favoritest friends is visiting this weekend and I’m about to explode with excitement. April is bringing lots of visitors our way and I can’t wait. Kristin of My Year In The Making will be our first official houseguest and Carl and I spent today getting our deck in order.

When we moved in winter was already creeping in, so we wanted to wait until warmer weather to put the deck together. Why spend money making a deck look nice when you aren’t going to be outside for months? There are still some final pieces to get, but after several DIY projects, and a 30 minutes trip to find plants and shower curtain rods, we have a pretty awesome looking outdoor space. Before I do a “reveal,” I want to share some inspiration pictures I used.

Click images for source.

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  • Very nice

  • I’m loving all of the tribal pieces! Have a great time with Kristen!

  • This looks so fun! And I’m so jealous of your deck. I would love an outdoor space, but our apartment only has a comically small patio. It’s seriously about 8 inches wide. Can’t do much but stand on it with the sliding door open.

  • Obsessed! Love the colors!