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First, I just need to say how much I love Carl and him writing a blog post for me once a month. I had hoped it would relieve stress and be one less post I had to worry about…but that’s definitely not how it’s turned out. However, it’s definitely been very exciting to see what he comes up with. The past two times he’s waited until I’m going to bed the night before to pick a topic, and then I get to wake up in the morning and see what I have to publish. It’s a bit terrifying, but I think it’s great for everyone. I’d also like to expand on his hiking statement. On our honeymoon, he wanted to buy very expensive Eddie Bauer hiking pants. I said ok provided we went hiking 5 times that summer (Carl’s known to back out of hiking plans within 72 hours or less of going). We’ve gone once…and only because his dad took us…and he didn’t wear the Eddie Bauer pants.

Getting to my actual topic today, I’ve been thinking about my goal of “less” for 2015. I’ve tried (and failed) at the Whole 30, I’ve started to use environmentally friendly beauty products, and I’ve purged my wardrobe. Even with those (mostly) successes, I feel like I’m missing my actual goal of less. To help me focus on creating the minimalist and healthy life Carl and I truly want, I think I need to come up with a list to help give me focus.

My List of Less // A personal list of habits and things to give up for a better more minimalist life


Minimize kitchen clutter and waste

  • Go through all cabinets and get rid of unnecessary tools.
  • Use the remainder of paper towels (my mom bought us a huge amount in bulk last year) and switch to dish rags.
  • Use our remainder of cleaning solutions and replace with green brands or homemade cleaners.

Minimize clutter in the second bedroom

  • Go through craft supplies and recycle or donate what I know won’t be used.
  • Organize books and donate those not needed.
  • Organize our family documents/information and combine into one notebook.

Downsize clothing

Less stuff in my bathroom–i.e. organize it

  • Find storage option for the cabinets under the sink–get rid of unnecessary products.
  • Bring back my earring holder from parent’s house to organize earrings.

HealthLess fast food (my biggest weakness)

  • Create weekly meal plan.
  • Choose two nights a week for Carl to cook.
  • Have an “easy meal” night once or twice a week (something easy to cook, example: a healthy frozen pizza, breakfast food, or leftovers).

Less excuses

  • Commit to going to the gym three times a week.
  • Do the “must do’s” on my to-do list first.
  • Get out of bed after the first alarm I set…not five minutes after the sixth alarm.

Less bad night’s sleep

  • Pick a bedtime and stick to it.
  • Stop drinking soda after 4. (Stop drinking soda completely.)
  • Don’t over sleep on the weekends.


Less electronics

  • Give up tv for a weekend and see how it goes. (I’ve got no better idea.)
  • No computers or phones in the bedroom.
  • Only use a device if we are using it together.

Less “mindless” time together (example, sitting next to each other with the tv on and one of us on our phone and the other on our laptop).

  • Commit to weekly date nights.
  • Eat meals at the dinner table.
  • Continue our breakfast in bed on Saturday mornings.

I’m sure this list with change and grow as I accomplish or reconsider the items on my list. I’m very lucky that Carl is on the same page as me in wanting a more simplistic life. This is definitely going to be more of a journey than a weekend task, but I’m glad I now have a plan, a partner to help, and readers to call me out on any B.S.

What do you need less of?

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