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It’s Friday! I always look forward to Friday, but this one was especially needed. It has been a long week. I literally had a migraine then headache for three days. THREE DAYS. It’s not very fair. Oh well. At least it’s the weekend.

I recently came across something I had seen before, but didn’t know a lot of information about. That something would be shipping container homes. I’ve always been fascinated with tiny homes and imagined how Carl and I could manage. (The answer is we couldn’t.) Shipping container homes bring a unique opportunity to live minimalistic and eco-friendly, yet still have a decent amount of space.

I’m not sure it’s something Carl and I could actually pull off. But I think it’s definitely worth a longer look. We’re on the right track with our current goal of minimizing ourĀ belongings, and I’m sure it’s going to be a long process if we do decide to follow through with it, but right now I’m just enjoying looking at pretty pictures and dreaming. I figured I’d share some of my favorites with you all.

Shipping container homes


Via Home Tune Up


Via Home Tune Up


Via Home Tune Up


Via True Activist


Via True Activist


Via True Activist

Do you think you could ever live in a shipping container?


  • I’ve been super intrigued by the idea of a shipping container house too. I was thinking like a cabin type of house instead of a main home. Or maybe a kids clubhouse or a guest house.

  • This is SO COOL! I’d probably need two, one filled with books, and one to be a house hahahaha!

  • Sam

    Shipping container house is a place where you can live simply. Nice information is given by you its need of modern era.