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It’s another snow day! This time there is a lot more snow than last time, so fingers crossed the office closes or at least gets delayed. Hopefully it does because my apartment needs some major cleaning. Like,¬†I’m ashamed of its condition.

Over the past year, I’ve really become interested in a minimalist lifestyle (obviously considering my word of the year and my latest project). I’ve been working hard to declutter our home and it’s become this never ending process. We don’t ever really add stuff, so I don’t know where it all came from (it came from Carl), but it’s become a weekly task to move things around and put things in our donate pile. All this minimalist research and months of purging experience have taught me several methods of decluttering. Who knew there were so many ways to get rid of stuff? Turns out there are quite a few.

Methods To Minimize Clutter // Everyone wants to have a better organized home  which usually involves getting rid of stuff. Here are multiple of decluttering that are pain free.

Touch it once

This is kinda self-explanatory. If you touch it, you put it away. You don’t set it down and tell yourself you’ll put it away later. When you start cleaning, put away everything you touch. It’s also a good habit to start in general. I’ve been amazed at how much time I save myself just by cleaning things & putting things away when I’m done with them. You know how to tell kids to put one toy away before getting another? Turns out that’s great advice for adults too.

An item a day

Another method is to commit to putting one item a day in your donate pile. I’ve seen people add one for each day. So on day one get rid of one item, day two get rid of two and so forth. You can also do one bag a day. Choose a different area of your home each day (junk drawer, kitchen cabinets, bedroom closet, linen closet, etc.) and fill a bag of donate items. Go until you’ve made it through each area of your home or just make it a daily/weekly habit for life.

One area at a time

This is like the one bag at a time method, but you commit to filling as many bags as it takes to declutter one room/area. Aim to go through one area a week and you’ll have your home decluttered in no time.

The designated spots

Keeping a bin in one spot that is used to hold items to be donated it a great way to maintain clutter after you’ve purged your home. We all have moments when we see something in our home and know we should get rid of it, but either have no pile to add it to or feel like you have to declutter the rest of the room. Having the bin gives you a place to put those items and doesn’t pressure you into going through a whole room.


A Pomodora timer really does work¬†wonders. (Here’s a link to an online version, but I use the phone app.) I use it at work to help keep me on task and recently I’ve been using it to clean our guest bedroom. That bedroom has been a dumping ground since we moved. The Pomodora timer works in 25 minutes work periods and 5 or 15 minute break periods. I will start the 25-minute timer and start working on the bedroom. When the timers up, I move on to my next task. I always get way more done in that room than I expect and it always goes by quickly. It’s a great way to clean and organize without feeling overwhelmed are getting sucked into it for hours.

How do you get rid of clutter?