We made it to moving day! And we’ll finally have internet! But not just yet. We’ve had very spotty internet all summer and these past two weeks it’s been gone for good. Well, they fixed it for about 12 hours and then it went away again. We get internet at our new home set up tomorrow (Saturday) evening.

So since I’m currently laying in bed typing this up on my phone after a long day of packing and moving, I’m taking a break from Social Saturday. If you want to claim a Social Saturday spot for yourself, you can visit my sponsorship page and get 20% off with promo code hellooctober.

So go grab a sponsorship spot for 20% off and enjoy your Saturday! Wish us luck unpacking! I can’t wait to get back to regular posting on Monday!

  • Good luck unpacking! The way to make that fun is by pretending you just went shopping!

  • Have fun unpacking! Make sure you have a bottle of wine nearby.