Is it just me, or are mornings the absolute worst?  There was a time where I convinced myself that I would get up in the morning and go for a run.  Yeah…never happened.  It wasn’t until I took a course in college called Inner Mastery Through movement.  If it sounds like a hippy class, it’s because it was.  It was taught by one of my dance professors who not only had an incredible dance career but also was an amazing yoga instructor. The purpose of the class was to discover methods of handling stress and pretty much just taking care of yourself.  Our dance program could pretty much suck your soul if you let it so this course was without a doubt one of the greatest classes I took in college.

It was through taking this course as well as her pilates class that I began to implement pilates into my daily routine.  Getting out of bed to go for a run wasn’t ever going to happen, but doing a mini pilates workout was completely manageable.  In class we learned a quick sequence that she recommended we do every morning. It didn’t require any equipment, heck, it could even be done in pajamas. I followed through with that recommendation and each day I felt stronger and ready to take on the day.

Once out of school I strayed from this routine, but recently I’ve started to return to the habit.  I even came across an infographic on Pinterest that covered the entire routine plus a few others steps thrown in.  The only difference between my routine and the infographic is I don’t time it.  For the hundred I just count to 100 and then I do 20 of each other move (20 on each side for moves like the crisscross).  I thought I would share it with you today so you can try it every morning too.

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