I’m happy to say I survived April, it definitely wasn’t easy.  I gotta say, wedding planning only gets worse the closer you get to the wedding.  What? You all already knew that? Yeah, I actually thought I would get wedding things done and not be stressed the week of the wedding.  The big factor I did not consider is the fact other people are involved in the wedding.  And let me tell you, other people kill me.  Turns out I not only have to worry about getting my stuff prepared for the wedding, I have to take care of everyone else too.  Can you here the stress and anxiety in my words?  Because it’s most certainly there.

Before I go hardcore bride panic venting mode, I’m just going to start wrapping up last month.  This past month I did get a lot of wedding stuff done (like our guest book and bridesmaid bags) and I honestly don’t have too much stuff to do for the wedding.  As long as people get their ish together and follow the “do not call me, call my matron of honor” rule, I should remain close to sane.

I even managed to do a giveaway along with my announcement of Katie Winnderful.  I’m SO thankful to have had such wonderful bloggers (Amanda, Rebecca, Paige, Katie, and Alicia) as my guinea pigs to help me prepare for my big launch.  I seriously underestimated how much time I wouldn’t have this month while preparing for the wedding (plus working twice as many hours since I don’t get paid time off) and these ladies have been super patient and kind to me.

May Wishes

For this month I don’t have a major list of goals.  My main goal is not have a stress induced heart attack, get married, enjoy the honeymoon, and move out of my apartment.  That’s a lot of major things casually summed up in one sentence.  Maybe listing it so casually will make this month easier?  Yes?

Any tips on how to not have a stroke this month?

  • Dude: life comes first. I hope you have a WONDERFUL wedding and honeymoon and an easy breezy move (if such a thing is possible). We’ll talk when we’ll talk. 🙂

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Thank you! It’s been wonderful for everyone to be so understanding, I really felt terrible getting behind but things just kind of came out of nowhere. I’m looking forward to chatting with you when my life is back to normal, well, its new married life normal 🙂

  • Deep breaths. Enjoy this time. My big goal for this month is to make some headway with marketing plans for my freelance business, my books and my Etsy shop. I’ve got some re-branding and re-vamping to do.

    • SomethingWinnderful

      I’m doing my best to keep breathing. Good luck with your goals, I know if I can make it this far without having a stroke you can reach you’re goals this month!