There are so many thoughts and emotions behind today’s post and I’m thankful to say that majority of them come from happy places.

That was the first sentence of the post when I drafted it a few weeks ago.  The sentences that followed talked about marriage advice I came across and how it made me feel about showing love towards Carl.  It then made me think about how I spread love and positivity with the people I encounter each day.  When I made my goals for 2014 I even included spread more love on the list.  But then something changed.

Early in the morning on Tuesday, Carl’s grandfather passed away.  Though he had been in the hospital a few times this past week, it was for nothing to suggest that he would be passing soon.  There are so many thoughts and feelings that come to mind when a loved one passes.  I think back to the last time I saw him and sadly I was not spreading love.  We had just gotten into town after I drove several hours with Carl dying of the flu.  I was tired and cranky, not spreading any sort of love.

As sad as that memory can make me, I know Carl’s grandpa knew how loved he was and probably didn’t even notice my cranky mood.  But it still acts as a reminder as to how important it is to spread love even if it’s not the easiest.  It further supported all the articles I had been reading saying to never stop dating your husband and don’t forget to show you appreciate him.  I never want to stop showing Carl love.

I don’t want this post to be depressing, but more of an inspiration and a reminder to share love.  It’s a new year resolutions that can easily be forgotten.  I feel now that upholding the resolution is more important than all the other goals on my list.

To keep with my resolution I want to not only spread love, but do so creatively and in all aspects of my life.  Yes, doing little things like giving a stranger a compliment daily or anonymously paying for someone’s food is spreading love, and I plan to do those things, but I want it to be about new ideas.  I want to get creative and share how what I did to give ya’ll ideas to spread love in a way you may not realized.  I want the posts to not brag of good deeds, but remind and inspire others to spread love.

 How do you remind your loved ones you care? Do you have little surprises you do?



  • So sad to hear of your loss. Loss is such an important reminder of one’s priorities- when I lost my dad I felt very strongly the same way that you do. It has definitely made me see the importance of letting my friends and family know that I love them each time I see them, by telling them or by showing them by practicing gratitude, resolving fights quickly, and prioritizing time shared.

    • katiewinn

      I’m glad you can relate. Be on the lookout for an email from me, I have an idea I want to share with you 🙂

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