So, we lost power last Thursday.  Not like the lights flickered for a bit, like, everything out for hours.  It was not fun.  We didn’t play charades by candlelight or put flashlights under our faces and tell ghost stories.  I spent 6 hours helpless and alone (Carl’s grandma was around, but I was mostly alone).  Let me tell you, you learn things when you don’t have power.  None of them have to do with how to turn the power back on.

One should DEFINITELY shower before the sun goes down.

You can’t accomplish any sort of blogging without a real computer and internet.  No post went live during The Great Blackout of 2014.  No post was even drafted.

A cellphone is the only connection to reality and entertainment, but battery life is limited.  Should I participate in a Twitter chat or conserve battery life? Hint: Totally did the Twitter chat.  It was my first one ever and I now know your phone is not the best tool for such things.

Watching the sun set is like watching your house slowly transform from a home to a set of a horror film.

I didn’t miss tv much at all.

The flashlight on my phone gives a room a nice “I’m about to be murdered” glow.

It gave me time to accomplish a goal for the week!

On that note, here’s my goals for this week and and update on last week’s.

Weekly wishes

Last week’s goals.

1.  Write a new resource post.  Done! Thank you Blackout 2014.  I wrote the ultimate guide to Pinterest for my Facebook group members. I also started a draft for an e-course.  (Because blogging tips and helping other bloggers is my jam.)

2.  Finish my editorial calendar.  Eh, no.  I did start it though.

3. Do an ab workout every morning.  Psh. I mean, do I really need to admit I didn’t do it, because I totally didn’t.  On top of not doing ab exercises, I ate burgers and and hot dogs and lots and lots of fast/restaurant food. I don’t even feel bad.  YOLO BITCHES. Just kidding, feel free to hate on me in the comment section for the yolo.  And the burgers. (But I wont feel bad for the food, I do apologize for the YOLO.)

4. Stay safe this weekend. I made it out alive! I survived a weekend of bachelorette partying and showing our Swedish friends how to live it up American style.

This week’s wishes.

1.  Be more intentional with my time.  I’ve done good at keeping my computer and phone away when I get to spend time with Carl, but when I am working on my laptop, I’m totally inefficient.  I need more to do lists and Pomodoro timers in my life.

2.  Get back on track with eating right.  I really don’t feel bad about not eating healthy last week, but I’m not gonna make a habit of it.

3.  Take a photo every day.  One of my goals for the year is to take more pictures.  Definitely not succeeding with it.   If I can’t manage to take one photo a day, I need to spice up my life.

4.  Not lie to myself about doing an ab workout every morning.  You know how you put things on your to do list just so you can mark it off?  Well there you go.

What’s your goals for the week? (Or what do you do when you lose power, I’m honestly much more interested in that.)


  • you need to keep candles and flashlights on hand! (I even have a battery operated radio but that’s because I was preparing for the hurricane that hit NYC a few years back — still haven’t used it…maybe when Voldemort takes over the Ministry…)

  • Sarah-Louise B.

    I can totally relate to the horror set film, just this morning actually (with power I might add) I kept convincing myself that I could hear someone in the house while in the shower. My BF starts earlier than me so yep I’m definitely home alone. I seriously weird myself out. This is quite a regular thing lol. And for months I had dreams about someone breaking in and used to get up and check the doors were locked etc. Scary business!

    Gah if you can do an ab workout every morning you are some kind of Goddess! I’m all for the YOLO 🙂 Definitely not something to feel bad about.

    Being intentional with your time is something I’m a big advocate of and further, intentional living. You know not just sailing through each day wishing for the weekend and not really doing anything productive. Instead using time wisely to develop skills (like my photography) or work on my blog, or reading non-fiction, something I can learn from. Sometimes though I do burn myself out as I find it hard to relax but that’s another story.

    I also have the goal of taking more pictures, I was doing project 365 but found that my life just wasn’t interesting enough on the daily…said activities above + food pics lol. But I have been working on it!

    I’m also vowing to get back to healthy eating this week!

    Good luck with your goals this week 🙂

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Ugh, shower while you’re home alone is always terrifying! I make sure my doors are locked sometimes before showering haha. I have a dog that usually lays outside the shower while I’m in there, it makes me feel more safe haha. I’ve had people break into my house while I was home alone (I was 12) and I dreamed about it a week before it happened. It was crazy.

      Living an intentional life is SO important. I think it’s very easy to get caught up in looking forward to the future and forgetting to enjoy the now. I have been wanting to a project 365, but I can’t even commit to a 30 day Instagram challenge haha. I managed to do ok with my photo a day goal, however most of the pictures were of my dog…kinda shameful. I’m working on trying something new to photograph every day.

      Did you manage to get back to eating healthy? I didn’t. Oops. Maybe this week haha.

  • Kati

    Omg, I would be so scared & bored if I didn’t have power for that long and was basically by myself. Luckily, I usually have my 2 little kiddos to keep me entertained. If we lose power we usually make forts out of blankets and pretend we’re camping. Usually, when we lose power it’s due to a big ice storm or blizzard so sometimes we go to my parents house (since they have a generator). There’s definitely not much you can get done without power though… I usually just look at it as a chance to finally relax with no distractions.

    Good luck with your wishes this week!!

    • SomethingWinnderful

      Making a fort is a great idea! If we lost power during a blizzard I don’t know what I would do. Fortunately we don’t have those in SC, except for the crazy snow we had earlier this year. I guess it was kind of relaxing to not have power, I just had so much to do that required internet it was hard to relax haha.

  • cool week wishes! I will do the same thing, it’s : take photo everyday! 🙂

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