This is typically where I apologize for being absent from the blog and all that stuff, and I am sorry, but I’m just going to save your time and jump right in to todays post.  I figured instead of making a list of excuses, I would just update you on some things that have been happening the past week or two.

Five for friday post

1.  I started a retail job.  During holiday season.  I might hate my life these next two months and miss out on a lot of family time, but you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills.  I have something fabulous in the works so this is just to help make ends meet and save some money for the time being. I’m really kind of excited about work.  So far, dare I say, I actually enjoy it?   I mean, who doesn’t love a good employee discount on great clothes?

2.  I burned the crap out of my arm.  Like, really bad.  Pretty much a series of unfortunate mistakes lead to some grease burns all over me.  It just got a few spots on both arms and my hip, but it got a good chunk of my forearm on my right arm.  Things like that make me thankful Carl is going to be a nurse.  CNA Carl has been taking good care of me and my wound is steadily getting better.

3.  Speaking of CNA Carl, he got a job!!!  He finally found a job in the hospital making decent pay.  We can finally pay all our bills!  I can’t tell you how relieved we are to finally both be working decent hours for decent pay.  We’ve still got a long way to go but we are a million times closer to where we want to be.

4.  I finally got on track with my goal to clean out our kitchen cabinets.  I’ve stuck to not grocery shopping.  You’d be surprised just how creative you can get.  I’m glad we’re getting by, but I’m glad I finally had the money to get a good amount of groceries.  I’m finally cooking again!

5.  Gatsby has learned how to hug.  The best/worst thing about it is you don’t have to give him the command, he knows when they are appropriate.  So when we get home he has to give us a hug and bury his head in our neck to show us love.  Or if he’s been laying around the house and hasn’t spent time with one of us, he’ll walk up to us and give us a hug.  It’s not always graceful, but it’s always sweet.

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m glad to be back to blogging.  These past few weeks have been rough and I’m glad to have taken a break.  Life has gotten so much more positive and I’m super excited for what the future holds.



  • Rachel

    Hooray, I’m glad you’re back! I’ve been doing the blog break thing too lately, and I think I might also be ready to jump back in.

    Congratulations on your new job; I’m definitely not brave enough to take a retail job during holiday season, but discount clothes are a pretty compelling perk! Maybe you could do a cute-new-outfits post soon. 🙂